Suriya and Keerthy Suresh in Thaanaa Serndha Koottam
Suriya and Keerthy Suresh in Thaanaa Serndha Koottam.PR Handout

Suriya has collaborated with Vignesh Shivan for his latest film Thaanaa Serndha Koottam. The actor has paired up with Keerthy Suresh, while Ramya Krishnan, who is basking in the success of the Baahubali series, has played an important character in the flick.

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The ensemble cast includes Saranya Ponvannan, RJ Balaji, Senthil, Thambi Ramaiah, Sivasankar, Brahmanandam and Sudhakar. The film has Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography and S Sreekar Prasad's editing.

Anirudh Ravichander has composed the music. Numbers like Naanaa Thanaa, Sodakku and Engae Endru Povathu have left a good impression on listeners.

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Thaanaa Serndha Koottam is a remake of the Bollywood film Special 26, which starred Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and Manoj Bajpayee. The original was based on the 1987 Opera House heist of Mumbai: A gang disguised as CBI officers looted a jewellery showroom to the tune of Rs 35 lakh in 1987. 

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam tells the story of a gang posing as CBI officers that conducts raids on corrupt politicians and businessmen while looting black money. What happens in their last assignment, which involves 26 young and dynamic graduates, is the crux of the story.

By their own admission, the makers have taken the gist of the content from the original and tweaked the screenplay to suit local sensibilities. 


The movie has garnered to fantastic reviews from the audience. Many have said that Suriya has returned to his form with Thaanaa Serndha Koottam. People are of the opinion that the flick has a good story backed by solid performance from not just the lead actor, but also from Ramya Krishnan. The background score by Anirudh has enhanced the quality of the film. Find the people's comment below:3.5

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 

Sathish Kumar M:

#TSK #ThaanaSerndhaKootam #TSKFDFS @Suriya_offl not only impressed his fans, but also the general audience. Family Audience loves him & this is a perfect movie for the festival weekend. Excellent execution by @VigneshShivN

Ramesh Bala:

#TSK [3.25/5]: Dir @VigneshShivN has proved himself again by giving one more Solid entertainer..
It's a Perfect #Pongal treat..
Go watch it for @Suriya_offl and the entire team..
Time for #AnbaanaFans to be #HappyaanaFans ☺
#TSK [3.25/5]: @KeerthyOfficial looks good and is apt as the traditional gal.. Great supporting cast.. @meramyakrishnan and @RJ_Balaji stand out.. Rest r good too.. @anirudhofficial 's songs are received with thunderous applause in theatre..
#TSK [3.25/5]: A clean fun festival entertainer.. Keeps u entertained from the word go.. @Suriya_offl is in Terrific form.. Starts with #Sodakku song and he maintains his energy level till the climax.. His work will be handsomely rewarded at the Box office..
#TSK 1st Half: An entertaining and engaging 1st half.. @Suriya_offl is in Top form.. Scores big time in every scene.. A delight to watch.. Wonderful supporting cast.. @meramyakrishnan is fab.. @anirudhofficial songs #Sodakku semma energy.. Dir @VigneshShivN in good form..

Baradwaj Rangan:

@VigneshShivN's #ThaanaaSerndhaKootam is an entertainingly mass-ified, more hero-centric version of #Special26. The messagey bits feel very out of place, but @Suriya_offl is in good form and the 80s nostalgia is a blast. 3/5. Review soon on @FilmCompanion

Surendhar MK:

#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam: @anirudhofficial has delivered a peachy background score. Easily, his best effort among all his recent releases. Catchy retro bits and nice little interludes at crucial junctures
RIP all the comparisons with #Special26. #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam, except for the crux, looks almost like a fresh film with a different emotional undercurrent & the angst. I would say it's a perfect adaptation for Tamil audiences and @VigneshShivN deserves the 'Screenplay' credits.
#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam: It's a complete joy to watch @Suriya_offl perform at ease without any inhibitions. His most natural performance in a long time, IMO. Loved how he was comfortable with the space given to other characters, sometimes at his cost too. Great fun ✌️
More than anyone, #Suriya needed a film like #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam to let go of his Mr Perfect image and the Mr Angry cliches we've been associating with him in his past few outings. @VigneshShivN quietly extracts the best out of the 'actor' #Suriya in a magnificent way.
#TSK is the perfect festival film. An ideal family entertainer and easily the PONGAL WINNER by a mile. #ThaanaSerndhaKoottam
Super hit surely on cards. Best wishes @VigneshShivN, @Suriya_offl, @KeerthyOfficial, @RJ_Balaji, @anirudhofficial, @meramyakrishnan

Kaushik LM:

#TSK #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam - @RJ_Balaji - less screen time, max impact. Sema response.. His futuristic 'CBI News' dialogs work bigtime.. @VigneshShivN utilizes RJB the best yet again, after NRD..
#TSK #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam 1st half - Solid response for @meramyakrishnan, she's a Superstar. Nice role for her @menongautham has dubbed for Suresh Menon; GVM could've actually acted too. @KeerthyOfficial looks beautiful as always! @ArtisteKarthik is introduced pre-interval
#TSK #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam 1st half - Highly entertaining & engaging Breezy fun & also has a very emotional angle on unemployment. @VigneshShivN dialogs are bang-on, @anirudhofficial in top form with his songs and retro RR, @Suriya_offl brings all his energy to the fore.

Christopher Kanagaraj:

#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam #TSK | Commercial version of 'Special 26'. This is the Surya which we love to watch, he rocks. Keerthy, just for songs. GVM's dubbing voice sema. Gud perf from Ramyakrishnan & Kalaiarasan. Comedy scenes worked well. Superb 1st hlf & Decent 2nd hlf. Worth!

Sreedhar Pillai:

#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam is a great racy fun ride, packaged well & crisply told by @VigneshShivN. @Suriya_offl is fabulous along with the rest of the cons especially @meramyakrishnan . Wholesome family entertainer.

Manobala Vijayabalan

#TSK 3.75/5 - Festival Treat. @VigneshShivN has given a neat entertainer for all set of audience. Superb performance from @Suriya_offl. @KeerthyOfficial played her part well. Fab BGM by Ani. Ramya krishnan added good support. Perfect Villains- Karthik & Suresh Chandra Menon
#TSK 1st half: Impressive. @VigneshShivN has presented 80s very nicely.
@Suriya_offl acing it with ease. @KeerthyOfficial is beautiful.
@meramyakrishnan apt for the role.
Villain Uthaman is super strong.
Senthil bettermass light & other comedies are good.
Top Bgm & songs.


An early morning film for Sankranthi is always a fun to watch...last time it was #Bhairava...this year it is #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam
I had my reservation before watching the film... I didnt like the teasers and other promos..but man.. the film is a stunnner... loved every bit of it...may be no expectations was the major reason why I liked it... loved every bit of it...may be no expectations was the major reason why I liked it...#TSK is the movie that #Suriya was in badly need off....we can easily say that it is the winner...Go for it


#TSK - Terrific First Half !! This guy @VigneshShivN has got a great talent people ! He has brought our old #suriya back to us & Whatta delight to watch #naanathaana song
@anirudhofficial complete surrender
All set for a similar second half
#TSK - Whatta roller coaster ride it was ! Completely blown out by @anirudhofficial Bgm and @VigneshShivN direction and lastly #suriya's vintage acting !!
Every single penny is worth for this film ! Rocking festival movie !!
#thaanaserndhakootam @VigneshShivN


Except for the climactic deviation from #Special26, a message overkill which totally did not work for me, #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam is fun. Just out of the theatre, so I'm yet to come to terms with the change in tone. Why couldn't it have been irreverent, like the rest of the film?
Loving #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam, which comes across as a more playful, celebratory and vibrant adaptation of #Special26. And @Suriya_offl is at his charming best, like in 24, and looks . Be prepared, ladies, for you will swoon.


#Sketch 1st Half Update
- Pakka Mass Commercial
- #Vikram 's Performance
- @MusicThaman BGM Theri
- Stunt and Cinematography Big Plus
- Cricket Ground Fight Scene and Interval Scene Vera Level
- Slow Screenplay, Lengthy First Half...

Subramanian Surya: 

Can't compare. Like I said this is not a remake as such. Director has modified it to make it more native and suit his style as well. Both are different movies in their own right. Special26 had a serious tone and treatment , this one is more fun and lighter vein.
Yes...Not the cliché ending ... But there is of course a stunt in preclimax that is understandably to satiate #AnbanaFans. Nothing wrong with it. Neat job done by @dhilipaction on that one.
#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam : Interesting casting of erstwhile director #SureshMenon (PuthiyaMugam fame) in a crucial role and getting @menongautham to do the dubbing for that character. Seemed to gel well with the story and proceedings. @VigneshShivN
Yes...But this one is not a straight scene by scene remake. Director does acknowledge in the titles that he has taken inspiration from Special26.
Movie set in 80s bro. Major #Ulaganayagan references irikku.
#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam : Damn impressed with the art direction team for recreating the 80s. Makes u nostalgic to see Gold Spot, and other retro stuff. 80s kids should surely watch the movie again to spot old favorite memorabilia.
#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam : Only drawback according 2 me was perhaps the climax. Was expecting a better twist or ending. Felt the ending was bit like a Murugadoss film, bit preachy. Rest it's a fun ride not to be missed.
@VigneshShivN & team have served the best sakkarai pongal 4u.
#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam : Liked it. Fun movie, perfect 4 happy festive times. Liked the packaging that ought to draw in family audiences. No skin show or double entendres, blood/gore stunts. Song, dance, fun and frolic ! Go watch with family & enjoy !! Worth ur #Sodakku
#ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam : @Suriya_offl packs a punch with his dance moves and screen presence in #Sodakku song. Celebratory! True festive fun song n dance routine.
#ThaanaSerndhaKoottam : Nice to see veteran #Senthil back on screen and he seems to be happy to be midst the company of youngsters.


#TSK: Nice seeing a lollumaxx, confident @Suriya_offl, different from the stiff and angry man he's been in his last few films. His happy-go-lucky mood more often than not puts a smile on your face.
#TSK: Technically strong with @dineshkrishnanb's visuals being super colorful and smooth. Editing was noticably good in the interrogation scenes, with @anirudhofficial's retro scores aiding the chronicles nicely.
#TSK: @VigneshShivN's capability to keep the proceedings lively without diluting it or making too serious is an asset. His fresh approach and skillful use of the ensemble starcast deserve worthy mentions.
#TSK: Jolly fun ride. Sets the festive mood all right with a well-constructed entertainer that checks all the boxes. @Suriya_offl steals the show with his cheerful, dynamic performance.
#TSK Interval: Very enjoyable. @VigneshShivN smartly converts #Special26 into a free-flowing, chilled out entertainer. @Suriya_offl turns back the clock and is a treat to watch!

Abu Reloaded: 

#TSK First movie in 2k18
Now 1st half over.. Happiness is that to see the vintage suriya is back❤️
Good movie till now lives up to my expectations
#Sodakku is a treat for local audience and fans
Not a scene by scene remake
After 7am arivu i think its right tym for suriya


UAE & Malaysia premier reports for #Suriya Sir's #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam
Very good first half followed by excellent second half. Sureshot BB4 @Suriya_offl after long time.Kudos to #AnbaanaDirector
@VigneshShivN #TSK #TSKReview #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottamReview


#TSK Show over in #Malaysia
• Dialogue Delivery & Acting - Plus point... Perfectly Done by @Suriya_offl ❤
• @KeerthyOfficial vere level
• Direction of @VigneshShivN - Pakka Masss ❤
• BGM & Songs - Rocked by @anirudhofficial
• No Boring....Pakka Pongal Entertainer

Umair Sandhu: 

FIRST Review of #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam in the World from UAE !! #Suriya Best MASS Film ever. He is Back with Bang ! A BLOCKBUSTER Family Entertainer this #Pongal. Tamil Movie Lovers will LOVE this film very much !! MUST WATCH ⭐⭐⭐⭐
EXCLUSIVE First Review #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam from UAE ! @Suriya_offl Power Packed Performance + @KeerthyOfficial looking Beautiful + Rocking Music & Stunts + Massy Story + First Rate Direction & Production Designing = ☆☆☆☆
EXCLUSIVE First Review #ThaanaaSerndhaKoottam ! Paisa Vasool Mass Entertainer. @Suriya_offl Steals the Show all the way. He is in TERRIFIC Form. Strongly Recommended ☆☆☆☆