Raul Hinojosa
Raul Hinojosa,33, marries his fiancée Yvonne Lamas after which he died of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.Facebook

A 33-year-old man, battling chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, died hours after marrying his fiancée in Amarillo, Texas. Leukaemia refers to the cancer of blood cells in which immature blood cells turn cancerous and start crowding the healthy blood cells in the bone marrow.

Hospitalised at the Baptist St. Anthony's Hospital, Raul Hinojosa wanted to fulfil his last wish of marrying 34-year-old Yvonne Lamas.

"I want to marry her. I want her to be mine," Raul was quoted as saying by Amarillo Globe-News.

Raul's family members along with hospital staff soon joined hands to make his dream come true and a wedding ceremony was conducted in the hospital.

The staff quickly arranged everything for the marriage in a few hours. It included a hospital cafeteria-made wedding cake, CNN reported.

Yvonne was gifted a wedding dress by Raul's family and the groom received a suit from a hospital staff member. Even the marriage license was organised by the hospital's chaplain.

An aisle was created by the critical care staff of the hospital. "When I walked down the aisle and saw him in the suit, he just took my breath away. He was so handsome. It was priceless," Yvonne was quoted as saying by CNN.

This heart-touching emotional affair was followed by an unfortunate event. Raul passed away after 36 hours.

When Raul's death certificate was signed by Yvonne, it was the first time that she was signing her married name.

Here's a link to the wedding ceremony video:

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