Moaza Al Matrooshi, 24, hailing from Dubai had her ovary frozen when she was 9, she delivered a healthy baby boy. [Representational image]Reuters

Moaza Al Matrooshi, a 24-year-old woman living in Dubai, had her ovary frozen when she was nine. She has now delivered a healthy baby boy. This was made possible after her fertility was restored by doctors with the help of her frozen ovarian tissues.

Moaza is believed to be the youngest girl who had got her ovary frozen before attaining puberty. "It's like a miracle. We've been waiting so long for this result - a healthy baby," Moaza told BBC.

Moaza suffered from an inherited blood disorder called beta thalassaemia, which lowers the production of haemoglobin. She was going to get a bone marrow transplanted in London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, but before the operation took place she had to undergo chemotherapy to treat the disorder which has adverse impacts on the ovaries.

Moaza's mother suggested her to preserve her ovarian tissue, hence, she got her right ovary removed through an operation in Leeds and got the tissue frozen or cryo-preserved for future utilisation during pregnancy.

Pieces of Moaza's ovarian tissues were blended with cryo-protective agents, which were then steadily cooled down to minus 196 degree Celsius and then liquid nitrogen was used to store it.

Five slices of Moaza's ovarian tissues were transplanted back in her body last year in Denmark. Out of the five tissue slices, one was stitched on the side of her uterus while the other four were sewed on her left ovary.

Prior this surgery Moaza was undergoing menopause, but her hormonal levels started turning normal and her ovaries started ovulating again marking and she got her fertility back.

Moaza and her husband underwent an IVF treatment to increase the chances of conceiving. In the IVF process, which was conducted by Dr Sara Matthews, three embryos were produced using eight of her eggs and two of them were implanted earlier this year, a BBC report revealed.

"I always believed that I would be a mum and that I would have a baby. I didn't stop hoping and now I have this baby - it is a perfect feeling," Moaza told BBC.

Moaza has now become the first woman to give birth to a healthy baby with the help of her frozen ovary tissues.

"Within three months of re-implanting her ovarian tissue, Moaza went from being menopausal to having regular periods again. She basically became a normal woman in her 20s with normal ovary function," Dr Matthews said.