Director Amit Sharma's "Tevar" featuring Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpayee in the lead roles, has garnered mixed reviews from the viewers. Most of the film goers have positive responses for the film.

"Tevar" is a remake of Mahesh Babu and Bhumika Chawla's Blockbuster Telugu film "Okkadu". The movie is about how a Kabbadi player rescues a girl from a dangerous faction leader, who is in love with her. Amit Sharma has adapted the same story with some changes in the screenplay to impress the Hindi audience.

The wonderful performances by Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpayee, lead pair's amazing chemistry, trendy music, beautiful cinematography, stylishly-choreographed action and dance sequences are the main highlights of the film, say the audience.

Here are Tevar movie reviews by viewers:

Taran Adarsh

Watched #Tevar last night. A wholesome entertainer with power-packed drama, high-octane action and heartfelt romance.Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpayee and Raj Babbar are in top form. Amit Sharma is a director to watch out for. #Tevar wins you over completely. Has all the ingredients to strike a chord with moviegoers. 2015 should start with a bang!

TANUJ GARG @tanuj_garg

#Tevar : King size attitude & testosterone. Accomplished performances by @arjunk26 , @BajpayeeManoj & @sonakshisinha ! Savour the masala ! #Tevar marks the hugely promising feature film debut of prolific ad film maker, Amit Sharma. Welcome to #Bollywood! #Tevar :top marks to the film's DOP,Laxman Uttekar .The genius behind the camera presents what is a visual feast!

Pragya Choudhary @ChoudharyPragya

Must watch!! #Tevar full entertainment package! Action!! Comedy!! Romance!! @arjunk26 @sonakshisinha hit h boss!

Rahul Raut @Rahulrautwrites

Its #Tevar Day. Watch it only if you love Masala film and likes Arjun's Dabanggiri. Otherwise #Taken3 should be your good choice.

Ritika Handoo @ritikahandoo

Salman ka fan Arjun looks rustic and it fits the bill in #Tevar Sonakshi Sinha enters with Radha Nachegi in #Tevar Manoj Bajpayee is a delight to watch in #Tevar Music by Sajid-Wajid and Imran Khan is foot tapping in #Tevar Sonakshi breathes freshness in #Tevar Such roles suit Arjun Kapoor perfectly #Tevar The fight sequences are good in #Tevar Dialogues are heavy dose but with punch in the end in #Tevar

Sanjiv Sharma @iamSanjivSharma

#Tevar a shining example of a director @CinemaPuraDesi who is in control of every beat of the film. Every department excels. #Tevar is a huge expensive extravaganza. @arjunk26 has shouldered the responsibility of the leading man with aplomb. God bless the young man. Been a fan of @BajpayeeManoj since he played Bhiku Mhatre #Tevar is another landmark performance by this talented actor. Well done my friend. Don't miss the magic of @ClintonCerejo when you see @TevarMovie | He is sheer genius & plays a huge roll in creating the dramatic tension. Making actors excel & great knowledge of exposition, a winning combination to watch in @TevarMovie - well done @CinemaPuraDesi

VinodKumar @vinodku05901870

watched #tevar loved it! @sonakshisinha is cute pretty n gorgeous! Finally its #tevar day! Bt for me its #sonakshi day!

Lata Jha @jha_lata

Even masala needs to make some meaning for it to truly create magic. Tevar does all of that unapologetically. #Tevar

Ashwin Varde @ashwinvarde

Whatta #Tevar. @arjunk26 conquers what no other actor from his generation has managed to - the 'mass' zone. Slick, stylish, kick-ass #Tevar

Dhieraj mohan @dhieraj

#Tevar :But for Manoj Bajpayee's crafty presence, Raj. Babbar's restraint n Arjun Kapoor's sincerity the movie is a cousin of Action Jackson

Devanayagam @Devanayagam

#Tevar - Perfectly Bollywood..loads of entertainment..#ArjunKapoor & @sonakshisinha sizzling performances..great start to the new year! WOW

Aritra Ganguly @DeepikaMyLuv27

#Tevar mast mvie hai.@arjunk26 is totally rocking.@sonakshisinha is at her bst.Thanks for gvng such packd up film. #TeverDay

Tanishaa Mukerji @TanishaaMukerji · 9h 9 hours ago

Just loved #Tevar .Truly a well made film. All the best @sonakshisinha @arjunk26 &@BajpayeeManoj u guys r rocking! Superb performances!

Sangeena Sharma @sangeena

#Tevar is a dream come true... Literally. Well done @arjunk26 and @sonakshisinha thoroughly enjoyed the film. #Tevar truly a wonderful film. @arjunk26 u have made HER proud yet again.

Siddarth Srinivas @sidhuwrites

#Tevar Interval: Not as bad as I thought it would be. Lot of changes from the original to bring in the Bollywood flavor. Watchable! Nowhere close to the original but still an enjoyable Bollywood masala. Macho AK, stunning Sonakshi and a magnificent Manoj Bajpai. Overdose of action, thankfully it's well choreographed. Logically flawed, but this is one of those watch-enjoy-forget movies.

Vikas Mohan ‏@vikasmohan_

#Tever is a Mass Entertainer & it will establish@arjunK26 as Action Hero ABlockBuster HitCong'ts @BoneyKapoor @sonakshisinha @BajpayeeManoj

Riya ‏@Gotzegasm

#Tever was such a good movie! Definitely worth the wait and @arjunk26 was just electric!

स to the र ‏@GreyAlchemy

#Tevar releases tomorrow!!! Full on entertainer! Not a minute you'll get bored! @arjunk26 & @sonakshisinha shine in every scene. Go watch!

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 3m3 minutes ago

Amit Sharma's #Tevar is a stylised masala entertainer that'll make you laugh,marvel at the action,raw romance n sum super performances... Manoj Bajpai's delightful love lorn villainy is an absolute treat.His gripping performance is worth an applause!! #Tevar Arjun packs In a ferocious energy that makes you believe that this guy can actually pull this off.It's a v honest performance!! #Tevar Sonakshi lights up #RadhaNachegi with her tremendous aura while #Joganiya makes u feel like protecting her.Her eyes talk beautifully #Tevar

Raj Nayak @rajcheerfull

Watched #Tevar Full blown entertaining action Movie. Loved it ! Wishing @sonakshisinha @arjunk26 & @BoneyKapoor a Super Friday #Bollywood

Salilacharya @Salilacharya

Halfway thru #tevar and it is poer all the way .. Action packed and power performances .. Luv it I cud study #manojbajpayee all day man .. Brilliant actor .. Like brilliant #tevar And @sonakshisinha well she floats thruan .. #Radha is an epic song .. And she kills it with each expression #tevar An this #superman song is even more fabulous whn u watch it on the big screen .. @arjunk26 #tevar And with thw scale of #radha and the techno beats i see it becoming a huge party song #tevar @sonakshisinha and like so many films the second half disappoints #tevar parts are repetitive and the film loses pace and mzoo there are parts to make u go wow especially the #action and the #superman and #radha the first half too but bot enough #3stars #Tevar eanders along wat is a somethng to look forward to is the wonderful @RajBabbars fantastically controlled performance #Tevar but i do believe #tevar should work and audiences should be reasonably hooked for this masala film packed with powerful performances #3stars

Raghuvendra Singh @raghuvendras

Watched 1st release of 2015 #Tevar...Enjoyed it thoroughly.This year is starting with an authentic commercial entertainer. Cntd @TevarMovie @arjunk26 & @sonakshisinha are superb. Their chemistry is fab.What one can say about @BajpayeeManoj! It's his another memorable act #Tevar Congratulations @CinemaPuraDesi! You have made a Paisa vasool entertainer. I wanted to clap and whistle in some scenes. @arjunk26 #Tevar Main to superman, Salman... no-no, Arjun ka will sing this after watching #Tevar this Friday. So book your tickets now! @arjunk26