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The Indian automobile sector is dominated by petrol and diesel engines, giving very little scope for electric vehicles to thrive. But as times are changing, we are starting to see car makers up their game in the niche EV sector in India and there's a positive response from consumers as well. We have seen some promising electric cars from established brands like Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra and MG Motors, as well as a good number of electric two-wheelers from the house of Hero, TVS and popular startups like Ather. But there's still a long road ahead for EVs in India given the current pace.

If Elon Musk's tweet is any indication, the EV market's growth in India could witness a sudden spike. Tesla, the US-based vehicle manufacturer, is one of the world's largest EV maker and its entry into the Indian market could be a game-changer.

Tesla 3 coming to India 'soon'

Tesla 3 coming to India soon
Tesla 3 coming to India soonTesla

Responding to a tweet about an update on Tesla 3's launch in India, Musk shared an exciting piece of information that's reason enough for ever car enthusiast in the country to be thrilled about.

Arvind Gupta, the man who played a crucial role BJP's landslide victory in 2014 elections through successful digital campaign, asked Musk when will Tesla 3 launch in India. The entrepreneur, VC and founding member of iSPiRT revealed he'd booked a Tesla 3 four years ago and is still waiting on its delivery.

The tweet grabbed Musk's attention, to which he replied: "Sorry, should hopefully be soon."

Elon Musk on Tesla 3 launch in India
Elon Musk on Tesla 3 launch in India

We don't know what Musk meant by soon. Is it going to be this year? In 2021? Musk did not divulge into the details, not quite giving the response Gupta was hoping for. However, Musk's acknowledgement of Tesla 3's launch in India is like the light at the end of the tunnel.