Baramullah Terror Attack

In an attempt to terrorise people of the Valley, terrorists are trying various methods to spread their propaganda,  the latest being the "combat footage".  This time the terrorists released a video of a real shootout with security forces which took place in Baramulla's Kreeri. Within 72 hours. all the top terrorists were killed who were involved in the Baramulla attack 

4 terrorists involved in Baramulla attack killed within 72 hours

Responding to the video, police said that it killed all the terrorists involved in the Baramulla attack within 72 hours.

Police tweeted "By releasing video of attack, militants want to glamourise militancy. But they can't. We replied by actions & killed 04 top commanders, Sajjad @ Haider & FT Taimur Khan @ Abu Usman (seen in said video/attack) & Naseer @ Sad bhai & FT Ali bhai @ Danish within 72 hours, the tweet ends".

Addressing the media in north Kashmir's Kupwara district, DGP Dilbag Singh said, "Encounters during the last few days were major successes for the security forces and this will bring relief in the lives of the local people."

"In Kreeri (Baramulla), top LeT commander Sajad Haider and his Pakistani associate Usman were killed together with another local militant Naseer who was killed yesterday in Handwara."

"Naseer trained in Pakistan and was a dangerous militant. He was involved in the killings of many security personnel including some CRPF personnel. During the last 4 days, three encounters took place across Kashmir. And in those encounters, four militants of 'A' and 'A plus' category were killed. Those four militants were top commanders and were in the list of top 10 to 20 militants across Kashmir," Singh said.

The "Combat footage"

After the barbaric encounter in Baramulla's Kreeri in which five security personnel were killed, the terrorists circulated video footage of the guerrilla attack on the troops. The shootout video, which has now gone viral on all social media platforms, was released by the new terror outfit People's Anti-Fascist Front (PAAF).

The footage reveals the movements of the three terrorists carrying out the shootout where the three emerge from behind the trees and fire at the security forces. Unlike any other raw footage, the five-minute clip featured background music along with special effects introducing the three terrorists.

In the video, while two terrorists are firing continuously, the third is providing cover fire from behind. One of them was even seen fitting a fresh magazine. Two CRPF soldiers were shot and killed on spot.

Parts of the video remains unclear, especially near the security vehicle where the terrorists and paramilitary men trade fire. The ambush ends when a terrorist shouts 'thavo', which means 'stop' in Kashmiri.