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IBTimes India Edition: 3.5

A machine, a man from the future and a woman from the past try to save the world from an AI overlord. No, it is not the opening to a poor joke, but the plot-line to one of the most anticipated movies of this year -- "Terminator Genisys".

With time-travel, an AI plagued with God complex and many minion robot soldiers that are programmed to kill, this newest installation of "Terminator" gives the old series a fresh waft of technology and talent. However, it does sort of confuse the viewers and its own characters with all the different time-lines and complicated relationships, presenting a new, literal interpretation of "son is the father of man".

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as always, is back as the titular "Terminator" and he is the protector of Emilia Clarke's Sarah Connor, who is a badass in her own right. In her first scene of the movie, she drives a kickass truck into a store and saves Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) who travelled back in time to save her.

From then on, it is a visual treat of mass destruction, and anyone with an affinity for those, would walk out of the theatre smiling. "Terminator Genisys" is a movie that celebrates stunts and uses the visual effects only to support them, and that is what makes it a winner.

The robot has aged but makers do have a valid explanation for the grey hair and wrinkled skin. Although Schwrzenegger very rarely talks in the movie, as opposed to the other characters, his comic timing is spot-on, making every scene he is in, worth remembering.

One major twist in the movie was Skynet turning its greatest enemy, John Connor (Jason Clarke) into its follower, forcing Mommy and Daddy dearests to destroy their not-fully-machine-not fully-human son. 

The romantic chemistry between Clarke and Courtney -- the said parents -- unfortunately did not translate on screen, even if they did share a good rapport, and their individual interactions with "Pops" were portrayed beautifully.

Overall, what the movie lack in story, it made up for with great stunts, witty screenplay and memorable dialogues. "Terminator Genisys" is definitely worth watching in the theatres, although more than once would be a torture to anyone who is not a hardcore fan.


The world is saved.. but the future is not set in stone. "Terminator Genisys" ends with the promise of a new sequel.

For those who are wondering, Arnold Schwarzenegger does say his epic catchphrase "I'll be back".

The stunts are exceptionally good, especially in the second half.

The plot thickens as movie returns and many questions pop up in a viewer's mind.

The movie goes into intermission with a great cliffhanger.

Sarah Connor's relationship with 'pops' is heartwarmingly hilarious.

Emilia Clarke's introduction is as badass as an introduction can get.

The movie establishes it's origins and purpose right in the beginning. 

"Terminator Genisys", the fifth instalment in the "Terminator" series, will see Skynet's yet another attempt at ensuring that his arch-enemy John Connor (Jason Clarke) is not born.

While Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as "The Terminator", Emilia Clarke will bring back Sarah Connor to life, and Jai Courtney will take over as John's trusted ally Kyle Reese. The movie is expected to revive the erstwhile franchise, and attract younger audiences to the world where humans are at war with the machines.

Directed by Alan Taylor of "Thor: The Dark World" and "Mad Men" fame, "Terminator Genisys" has released by Paramount Pictures. Watch out for live review of the movie here: