Donald Trump calls travel ban court ruling a political decision
US President Donald TrumpReuters

At least ten members of United States President Donald Trump's Advisory Commission on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) submitted their resignation on Thursday to protest against some of his immigration policies, including his controversial travel ban.

Donald Trump to replace controversial travel ban with new executive order to protect Americans

The US President's travel ban, which resulted in country-wide protests, applies to migrants, refugees and US legal residents — Green Card holders — from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Yemen. There is an indefinite ban on the arrival of Syrian refugees. Trump cited "terrorism concerns" as the reason behind the order.

The members of the advisory commission wrote a letter to Trump announcing their resignation stating that some of his policies went against their principles.

"Although the Commissioners' term ends 9/30/17, we can no longer serve a President whose policies aim to create outcomes that are diametrically opposite to our principles, goals, and charge," the letter read, which was signed by 10 of the members of the President's advisory commission. All of these members were appointed by former US President Barack Obama.

The letter also referred to some of Trump's other controversial policies as their reason of resignation, including repealing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the border wall between Mexico and US, and increased border and immigrant enforcement.

"We object to your portrayal of immigrants, refugees, people of color and people of various faiths as untrustworthy, threatening, and a drain on our nation," the letter said.

Six of the 20 members of the AAPI commission had resigned on January 20 when Trump was officially sworn in as the 45th President of the Unite States. After the resignation of 10 more, only four members are left in the commission.

"We urge you and every member of your Administration to respect all Americans by protecting civil rights and civil liberties for everyone, promoting broader dialogue and understanding, and keeping the federal government accessible to all people living in the United States regardless of their status as citizens, immigrants or refugees," the letter stated.

Trump's controversial travel ban has caused uproar across the globe with around two million people in UK petitioning against his state visit to the country citing the Muslim ban on immigrants. Federal courts in the United States, however, have temporarily stayed the ban.