Junior NTR and Puri Jagannath's second combo movie "Temper" featuring actress Kajal Aggarwal in the female lead has released in theatres worldwide on 13 February and received mixed reviews  from viewers, who say that it is the show of Junior NTR.

Temper First Day Collection Report

"Temper" is an action thriller with all commercial ingredients to impress the Telugu film goers. Vakkantham Vamsi has penned the story for the film, which is said to be routine and simple. What make the movie an interesting watch are its engrossing screenplay and narration of director Puri Jagannath.

Junior NTR and Kajal Aggarwal have teamed up again for the third time after "Brindaavanam" and "Baadhshah". The young tiger is playing a tough and eccentric police officer and his performance, lean body, six-pack abs and costumes are the big highlights of the film. Kajal Aggarwal has played an animal lover and her glamour is one of the main attractions of the movie.

A host of talented actors such as Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ajaz Khan, Ali, Posani Krishna Murali, Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Vennela Kishore, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sapthagiri, Ramaprabha, Pavithra Lokesh, Kovai Sarala, Madhuurima and Sonia Agarwal are in its supporting cast. Their performances are also big assets of the film.

Made on a whopping budget, "Temper" boasts of sound production values. Anoop Rubens-composed songs, Mani Sharma's background score, Shyam K Naidu's picturisation, wonderfully chreographed action and dance sequences, Puri's punch dialogues, beautiful locations and costumes are the main highlights of the film.

Film goers say that there is nothing great about the story of "Temper". The first half of the film is lively and engaging with all commercial elements to appeal mass audience. The interval episodes are the soul of the movie. The second half is sentimental and the narration is slow, but the climax is rocking and impresses everyone.

Many viewers took to their Twitter pages to share their verdict on the movie after watching it on its opening day. We bring you audiences' Twitter comments on the movie. Read the live update of "Temper" movie review by viewers:

Idlebrain Jeevi @idlebrainjeevi

Temper is a powerful movie. Emotionally charged scenes in 2nd half. NTR gives performance of lifetime. Will be a huge commercial hit! Puri Jagan surprised me with the positivity, intensity in second half. Took up burning issue of rape, made NTR deliver justice #TemperMania. Temper is a brave film because it discusses a sensitive issue and yet make it connect to masses very effectively!

SS Rajamouli ss @ssrajamouli

Along with his trade mark characterisations and dialogues @purijagan garu also gives a strong script and a super climax. #Temper Tarak takes his acting abilities a notch higher and excels. police station scene and especially the court scene will be remembered for long. Apologies.. #Temper script was by Vakkanthan Vamsi garu. Tarak always had a high opinion on him and he proved his mettle. Very good work...

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin

Jst out of Temper .Tarak is a fucking mixture of super confidence nd hyper enthusiasm..in songs he looks like he's possessed by electricity. In Temper Poori Jagan is in his careers best form be it dialogue,taking and best of all in conception of Hero's character. Vakkantham Vamsi, Anup Reubens and Shyam k naidu very very finely tempered the steel of "Temper"

Umakanth @umakanthonline

First half done. #temper progresses in a linear pace. Some good dialogues by puri & a different body language by NTR #TemperMania. Watched #Temper.Avg 1st half,but 2nd half is WoW..Unimaginative Innovative Climax..and as usual good dialogues by puri #TemperMania a different body language by NTR.But avasaram unna lekapoina noru Antha therichi gattiga arusthu Tamil hero la dialogues #Temper Cheppatam ediate undoo NTR..barinchatam naa valla aite avvaledu.totally worth watch.Finally Buddodiki Hit vachindi .My rating 3.5/5 #Temper

Madhavtweets @vmadhavm

NTR mannerisms are different but too loud sometimes. First half is not that exciting like Puri movies. Lacks the emotional content #Temper. But definitely a make over for NTR. The sensitive topic dealt by a changed corrupted police officer is Temper. NTR given the best performance. 2nd half is good compared to 1st. Only because of the sensitivity, the negatives of the movie are overshadowed. Otherwise pretty average movie. Emotional connect is a plus. Three scenes that stand out 1. Posani salute in Police station 2. Confession scene with Bharani 3. Court scene in the climax #Temper


first half of #temper is worse but second half is ntr one man show ntr finally temper is good.taraks amazing dance steps grabs the audience

Siddhu Manchikanti @Siddlazy

#Temper is what Puri Jagannath made it happen with NTR where Krishna vamsi failed years back for Raakhi. 'Involving Social causes into a Pure Commercial Cinema ' .. Puri Nailed it #Temper #Temper Worth Watch movie for this Week end .. 100% Puri Mark Flick - And Yes Most Awaited Super hit for Buddodu !!

Yathi @ursyathi

#Temper Review- 1st half is ok, 2nd half is good. Plus- Tarak action, dialogues, title song. Minus- Lack of comedy, predictable narration. #Temper Verdict- It has potential to do well at boxoffice & it may close more or less to #Baadshah range at BO. My Rating- 3/5

Snazzy Star Joel @ItsSnazzyStar

fantastic work from everybody #Temper the biggest hit for both Puri and Tarak ! 4.25/5 from me superb story from Vamsi

Laxman Anishetty @laxman219

Ok 1st half...Good Second half....over all above avg movie #Temper..Ntr baga chesadu. Pre climax court scene highlight of the movie..Ntr super chesadu #Temper

Sashaank @Shashanksye

Highly intense & emotional action entertainer #Temper....@purijagan Sir at his best....Best ever n most powerful performance by NTR Garu..:)

Harsha Paruchuri @Paruchuri9999

Simply superb performance by #Tarak , one man show of #Temper. Good twist and narration by #PuriJagannadh # NTR at his best... racha racha

Deepak @Deepuzoomout

I felt 1st half low, 2nd half is a whole another level, will make u forget the negatives #Temper NTR's career best performance in 2nd half. NTR is not back, Puri jagan made him come back to his best!! Brought the best out of him, & actually He is back after #Pokiri

Venkata @lokesh_NTRfan

Superb performance by @tarak999 anna and extraordinary dialogues by puri n good story by vamshi n great editing by sekhar makes #Temper

Avinash @Avinashrepaka

Jr.NTR is carrying a attitude that no onscreen bad cop has done! Peaks!! #Temper

Nara Simha @narsi202

suprb #temper dilogs , bgm . #NTR action , songs finally #poori changes ntr modulation

Sasibabu @SasibabuT

#Temper .. Best ever characterization for Jr ... Puri is back .. And kasi kasi gaa iragadheesthunna Jr. Good First Half barring a couple of lagging scenes .. Highlights NTR , Screenplay and Background Music #Temper NTR Nata viswaroopam #Temper ... Interval bang excellent .. Performance best ... Brilliant movie #Temper super hit ... Good attempt 2nd half is stunning .. #Temper Can watch multiple times for stunning performance of NTR .. Highlights: NTR , screenplay, BGM, Prakash Raj #Temper

KVP Pradeep @cinema_babu

Settlement scene super #NTR Police station scene pa pa pagilipoindhi Disaster 1st half.Blockbuster 2nd half.It's @tarak9999 show all the way.Expecting Big figures in B,C centres and 45cr at Boxoffice #Temper

Soma Sekhar @Tollywood_King

#Temper is a WORTH film and SUPER HIT film from NTR. NTR is at his best. Its NTR's one man show. Festival time for NTR fans. Congratssss #Temper - NTR's realisation scene in police station, court scene in climax and Temper title song are enough to become Block Buster. NTR's performance, energy and intensity are superbbbb. We can see a new NTR in some scenes. NTR's dance in #Temper song is feast for fans.

Srikanth Ns @CrazySri30

#Temper Info : 1st Half is okay with 3-4 good scenes. 2nd half lags. Weak climax. Routine story with Puri mark. Below average to Average. Families can strictly avoid watching #Temper movie.. mixed talk.. hope for best.. mid day gonna watch.

Soumitra Josyula @sj4912_MUFC

#Temper Jr Ntr last half an hour mind blowing..blockbuster hit for Ntr ...seems like it really shall be nandamuri namasamvatsaram

Superstar's Superfan @anurag_i_am

Far better 2nd half in Jr's recent flicks.. Businessman with a better climax is #temper 2nd half has some worthy moments.. anthaku minchi inkem ledu! 40-45 cheyochu at very best! #temper

VamsiKaka @vamsikaka

#Temper title song.. The best in the recent times. NTR rocked with superb dance moves. A star hero needs lot of guts to accept a script like #Temper. Climax twist is out of the box. Kudos to NTR and Puri Jagannadh. Spectacular performance from NTR. Undoubtedly one of his best . #Temper

Mahesh S Koneru ‏@smkoneru

Hats off to young tiger NTR for a phenomenal performance.. Temper is going to be a biggie.. Phenomenal second half

Sai Vivek @vivek_DHFM

soooo far...no story its somewhat dragging #Temper Expecting a good interval bang...until now...no twists...Story gng flat....puri designed posani's character veryyyy well...Ntr intensity in dialogues is good.dialogues with prakash raj are good.good interval bang waiting for danda yatra in 2ndhalf Into the 2nd half until now....suuuuperbbbbb....Ntr is rocking..#Temper

Homo Sapien @gnanodayam

#Temper first half ayyindi, bongu laaga undi Second half for a brief while catches the emotional chord but the movie is too silly #Temper. Second half of #Temper deals with the burning issue of sadistic rapes. That is why bearable for some time. Posani character comedy aa or serious aa artham avvadu. Poor characterisation. There is eccentricity in all the character #Temper

Teja ‏@Sritejapeteti

#Temper 1st half is good #NTR acting is different compared to before dialogues r good @purijagan u really rockz waitng 4 nxt part of movie.

Eswar @SidhuSagi

#Temper looks very similar to #patas Just the tone is different. More serious Average first half

Mahesh @maheshmuchala

Half way through #Temper in half filled National Theatre..Avg so far.. #Temper one time watch for fans..others can skip this one..

Ravi kiran @kinnuPSPK

Interval bang superrrr #Temper Hero characterization, Performance, BGM, Dlgs, matram Ultimate Weak comedy .. So far OK to Avg.

HitOrPhat Official ‏@HitOrPhat

#Temper finished its 1st world paid premiere. NTR's One man show. Fans will like it. One time watch for rest. No to families and Kids.


#Daya gadi dandayatra modalaindi... Good 1st half... NTR ni kothaga chupinchadu Puri ... Posani salute chese scene fantasticcc .. #Temper #Temper will be a HIT for sure... NTR one man show..Super performance...Puri work is fantastic .. Dialogues are highlight... 3.5/5

aHf @adhyayam

Interval episode ki dilg lu padday kaani emotion pedda workout avala. Abv Avg 1st half #Temper

MEGA MOVIES @sharankalyan424

1st half #temper: okay. Positives : NTR . 3-4 scenes are too too good Negatives: families strictly avoid cheyocchu&ntr shouting dlgs a bit. Just completed my show...... NTR NTR NTR NTR .....puri jagan & ntr kalisi fanz ki FULL MEALS FULL MEALS PETTARU. MARK MY WORDS :) #temper

Sateesh Botta @bkrsatish

Below avg first half #Temper Ntr realisation scene adiripoindi #Temper Second half good sofar #Temper Recent Ntr, puri cinemalli better cinema.fans ki super feast normal audience Ku avg #Temper

Vikram Reddy @urslovelyvikram

1st half antha goppaga ledhu #Temper Title song, Court scene feast for fans...Overall good second half Overall decent movie..NTR acting kummesaadu especially in 2nd half 1st half > 2nd half ani cheppina inside info specialists vachi linelo nunchondi BGM scenes elevationki entha mukhyamo choopinchaadu Manisharma ...Maa thaman saab kottadu Aagaduki sachipovali anipinchindhi