T Krishna Kumari
Telugu actress T Krishna Kumari to undergo chemotherapy for bone marrow cancer

Telugu actress T Krishna Kumari (also spelt as Krishnakumari) was recently admitted to a private hospital for bone marrow cancer and she is set to undergo chemotherapy on Wednesday.

Sources claim that T Krishna Kumari was admitted several times, but she was recently diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. "She has been in and out of the Apollo Hospital for the last few months. Cancer was detected last week. Currently, she is in the hospital and set to undergoing chemotherapy," the source told International Business Times. 

The buzz on the social media claims that O+ blood is required for her chemotherapy. Kavya Christopher‏, the editor of Bangalore Times, tweeted today: "Blood required for former Telugu actress T Krishna Kumari @ Apollo, Bannerghatta Rd #Bangalore on March 28/29, Group O+. #DonateLife."

Born in Naihati, West Bengal in 1933, Krishna Kumari is the sister of leading yesteryear South Indian actress Sowkar Janaki. She made her acting debut with Telugu movie Navvithe Navaratnalu in 1951. Later, she went on to star in over 50 movies in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. She has worked with legends like NT Rama Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Krishnam Raju, Dr Rajkumar, Sivaji Ganesan, and Kanta Rao.

T Krishna Kumari, daughter Dipika Maiya
T Krishna Kumari with her daughter Dipika Maiya

Krishna Kumari was married to Ajay Mohan Khaitan, who is the former editor of the Indian Express and founder of Screen Magazine and Businessman. The couple has a daughter named Dipika. After marriage, she quit acting and now lives in Bengaluru with her daughter, son-in-law, Vikram and grandson, Pavan.

Her daughter Dipika Maiya has written her biography titled My Mother - T Krishna Kumari, which captures the journey of a teen actor. Krishna Kumari was spotted by a producer at a cinema hall, who became one of the ruling stars of Telugu cinema. The book brings out the magic of her life, which is as much of a fairy tale as her movies.

Here is video featuring full movie Zamindar starring ANR and Krishna Kumari.