Screenshot of TSBIE website
Screenshot of TSBIE website

The goof up of the Telangana intermediate results 2019 has landed Chief Minister KCR aka K Chandrasekhar Rao in a big mess with many people holding him responsible the suicide of eight students.

The Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) declared the results of the Intermediate / Class 12 on April 18. But the results of many were found to be faulty, which landed students, their parents and entire family members in deep distress. Some students including the nephew of TDP leader and Rajya Sabha MP CP Ramesh committed suicide as they failed to clear the intermediate examination.

On April 22, the opposition parties held a protest and demanded a judicial probe with a sitting judge of high court into the declaration of the TSBIE results. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who got alerted by this dharna, had a meeting with officials and Education minister Jagdish Reddy on April 22 nd set up a committee to inquire into the handling of the process by a private IT firm called Globarena Technologies.

While the probe is underway, more students went on to take extreme step, which sent shock waves across the state. Many people including some celebs condemned the Telangana government for its failure. Meanwhile, they also requested students not to commit suicide for not fault of theirs.

Director Maruthi had tweeted, "Dear Students Exams R not judges of our skills & future. I am average at studies but later became topper in animation, studies didn't made me director but my passion towards films. So don't loose heart, Dear parents train ur children to face Life, don't pressure/bother abt exams My deepest condolences to all the families of intermediate students who lost their lives. It's very sad to see they loose their precious life because some one else mistake :("

Two days passed after setting up the committee, but it is come out with the reports and government is yet to take any action. Amidst this, another student has lost his life today and he is eight to commit suicide in six days. Journalist Suresh Kondi‏ tweeted, "OMG..Another sucide..!! It's getting worse.. What's happening in sir..@KTRTRS @TelanganaCMO R U there..? #InterBoard #intermediateResults."

Many people, who are upset with Telangana government, blasted KCR today again. Film critic Hemanth Kumar CR‏ wrote, "The Telangana Government has to own up moral responsibility for the shoddy job of the Intermediate education board. The students become ineligible to sit for other competitive exams, when they fail. It is heartbreaking to read about so many students committing suicides."

Hemanth Kumar added, "We could all talk about how your marks don't really make a difference in the long term, but before that, the govt and education dept can't rob students of their opportunities for no fault of theirs. There has to be some accountability too."

Political analyst Anshul Saxena tweeted, "Do you know how many Students have committed suicide in last 48 hours in Telangana after the results of intermediate (plus 2)? 6 students. Huge protests are going on & Many students allege careless evaluation of answer sheets. But No Media debates and KCR Govt is also sleeping."