cow dung
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In yet another shocking incident, a 17-year-old-girl has been made to eat cow dung in Maharashtra's Latur district to ward off evil spirit.

Karnataka: Man sacrifices niece to cure brother of paralysis in Magadi

The incident took place in Latur district and was reported on June 6. According to the Hindustan Times, the girl and two other women relatives were accused of being haunted by evil spirits as they regularly quarreled with the menfolk in the household.

Their relatives forcibly took them to a tantrik in Karnataka's Bidar district who assured them that he could exorcise the evil spirits from the women.

When the girl protested during the ritual, she was pinned down by her relatives while the tantric forced her to eat cow dung. Even though she choked, they forced her to swallow it.

A case has been registered against six persons including the girl's father and the tantrik involved in the incident in the Chakur Police Station under certain sections of the Indian Penal Code. An investigation is currently underway. The police on Tuesday arrested four individuals - Prabhakar Kesale (35), Gangadhar Shewale (65), Pandit Kore (37) and Dagadu Shewale (40).

This is not the first time that people resorted to such superstitious activities. In a gut-wrenching incident that came to light on June 8, a couple in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, facing financial issues, allowed an exorcist to sacrifice their daughter, Kavita, and rape the body in the promise of being rewarded with 5 kilograms of gold.