It was only a month ago that reality TV star Leah Messer lost custody of her kids Ali and Aleeah, aged 5, to ex-husband Corey Simms. However, it seems the young mother is determined to have her kids back, and isn't giving up without a fight.

The West Virginia-resident's meeting with the school superintendent has revealed details of her girls' punctuality at school. The West Virginia elementary school authorities admitted that their records were faulty after Leah exposed that her kids were on time.

In an October 2015 ruling, a West Virginia judge ordered that Leah Messer's ex-husband, Corey Simms would be granted the custody of their twin daughters. This decision was made after looking at their school records, which indicated Ali and Aleaah were often "tardy" when they went to school.

RadarOnline quoted a source as saying that Leah, who recently divorced Jeremy Calvert, has enough proof to contest the judge's ruling. The insider added: "Leah is convinced Corey and Miranda persuaded a school employee to mark them tardy. She has a good chance of bringing this to the court. She really could get her daughters back."

Perhaps Leah has absorbed her "Teen Mom 2" Season 6 co-star Janelle Evans' advice to stay strong and level-headed. In a recent interview with the website, Janelle said Leah should "stay on the right path." 

So far, Leah hasn't made an official announcement on her Twitter or Facebook page about the recent developments in the custody battle with Corey.