Ever since reality TV star Leah Messer lost custody of her daughters to ex-husband Corey Simms, she's been awfully silent. Her Twitter and Facebook pages, usually filled with updates from her personal life, have experienced a lull. Admittedly, the cast member of MTV's reality TV show "Teen Mom 2" season 6 is struggling to cope with the changes in her personal life. In a new revelation, Leah claims that she is not allowed to speak to her kids and her ex-husband Corey Simms when his present wife Miranda isn't around. 

During the "Teen Mom 2" season reunion special, Leah alluded to having an affair with Corey two months after he married Miranda. 

Corey's infidelity and lies seem to have impelled Miranda to enforce certain rules in the Simms household. Leah said, "I'm not allowed to call Corey's phone to communicate with the girls unless she's somehow three-wayed in. He has to be around her when he calls," reported OK! Magazine. However, the West Virginia native said that the only way she can talk to Corey is via a text message on a group chat. 

Leah recently had a month long stint at rehab and underwent therapy for anxiety, depression and prescription pill addiction. The star claims she has been working on herself. Celebrity therapist, Dr. Drew responded to Leah's custody loss by stating, "She is a dedicated mother. If you saw the last reunion show, which is the last time I had contact with her, I believed she was making some progress," according to US Weekly.

Recently, Leah  admitted that she was addicted to prescription painkillers, after denying it for months. In an interview, she admitted that she took anti-anxiety pills after her daughter, Ali, 5, was battling muscular atrophy, reported OK! Magazine. 

She further said that Corey, who won the custody of their twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, has been very unsupportive. ""You would think that a father would want the best for his children, not to continue to attack their mother for no reason," she said.

Leah Messer lost full custody of her daughters on 13 October. According to the judgement, the 23-year-old mom is allowed to see her kids only on weekends.