The #10yearchallenge has caught the imagination of the millennial and in the season of throwbacks, it might be interesting to note that having sex did not always land Indian cricketers in troubled waters.

Reports regarding a supposed secret document from 2009 asking Indian cricketers to engage in sexual activity has resurfaced as a result of this social media trend. This document was reportedly co-authored by then Indian coach Gary Kirsten and mental conditioning expert Paddy Upton.

The relevant chapter of the document titled "Does sex increase performance?" reportedly explores the benefits of sexual activity in relation to improving performance on the sports field.

According to a report on Zee News from September 24, 2009, the chapter starts with an explicit answer to the question posed by the title: "Yes it (sex) does, so go ahead and indulge."

Kohli and Dhoni
Dhoni and Kohli singing the national anthem during the World T20 in 2016Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

The report goes on to state that the document explains how sex can increase performance metrics and how sexual inactivity can lead to a drop in performance.

From a physiological perspective, having sex increases testosterone levels, which cause an increase in strength, energy, aggression and competitiveness. Conversely, not having sex for a period of a few months causes a significant drop in testosterone levels in both males and females, with the corresponding passiveness and decrease in aggression," the report added.

There was a quote from Tim Noakes, a professor and sports scientist at the University of Cape Town. This explained the detriment of trying to coax a woman at a bar.

"Sex was not a problem, but being up till 2:00 am, probably having a few drinks at a bar while trying to pick someone up, on the eve of a game, almost always was."

The solution to this was also provided as the report stated that the document encouraged players to even "go solo".

"If you want sex but do not have someone to share it with, one option is to go solo whilst imagining you have a partner, or a few partners, who are as beautiful as you wish to imagine. No pillow talk and no hugging required. Just roll over and go to sleep."

This report was filed around the time of ICC Champions Trophy 2009 which was being held in South Africa. Although this reported mantra was not successful in the tournament, barely two years on India managed to win the 50-over World Cup after 28 years.

Gary Kirsten, though, dismissed any attachment to such an article and was quoted by the Guardian saying, "My family and I have been deeply hurt by the many allegations that I encouraged the Indian players to engage in sexual activity before a match."

"I would like to state that I have never, and I repeat, never encouraged or told the team or any player to engage in any form of sexual activity. These allegations are absolutely not true and completely against my religious and moral beliefs," he added.

Gary Kirsten MS Dhoni India
Gary Kirsten believes you cannot forget about the Dhoni factor for the World CupReuters

This report filed on September 25, 2009, also quotes Kirsten saying that Paddy Upton authored the document in order to provide information on the co-relation of sexual activity and sports performance. 

When then skipper MS Dhoni was asked about this, he smiled saying, "No comment. You knew when you asked that I wouldn't be able to say anything about that."

While it may be a stretch to imagine sex being a part of the Indian team's World Cup-winning strategy, one might want to remember the famous saying - truth is stranger than fiction.