One Direction star Harry Styles
Harry Styles Jealous That Taylor Swift is Dating Matt HealyReuters

Taylor Swift's rumoured romance with "1975" singer Matt Healy has ex-flame of "One Direction" Harry Styles burning with jealousy, according to insider reports.

Just a few days ago it was reported that Swift and Healy were secretly dating for two months. Also with Styles and Swift on friendly terms for some time now, speculations of a reunion were doing the rounds.

So who exactly is Swift interested in? Is she really with Healy or is she trying to get back with Styles? Apparently, she is just enjoying the attention both the Brit boys are giving her.

"Taylor loves the fact that two hot guys are pining for her. This is a far cry from her lonely cat days. She's eating up all of the attention and yes, it feels good after such a long dry spell," an insider told

The fact that Swift and Healy could be dating apparently has Styles burning with jealousy.

"Taylor is in the perfect position because she's so desirable. The fact that she's involved with Matt makes Harry more attracted to her and vice versa. She's definitely in the power position," the source added.

Sources revealed earlier that Healy and Swift had a mutual crush on each other, which has been blossoming every day. The singers have busy schedules but try and meet whenever they are in the same city.

Rumours of Styles' jealousy come after it was reported that he and Swift could be rekindling their romance. The two were even spotted attending a concert together. More recently, at the Victoria's Secrets fashion show in London, Styles and Swift were seen dancing along with friends at the after party.