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It has been long rumoured that film personalities in the Indian film industry are involved in tax evasion, and most of the time, top stars used to receive their remuneration as unaccounted money. Adding up the heat to these speculations, income tax authorities have apparently seized Rs 65 crores from Kollywood film financier Anbu Cheliyan. In the meantime, income tax officers are also questioning actor Vijay as a part of the tax evasion probe.

Unaccounted transactions between Vijay and Anbu Cheliyan?

An income tax department official apparently told that the counting of the unaccounted money is still going on, and the total seizure is likely to go up in the coming hours. The official also claimed that their probe revealed unaccounted transactions between Thalapathy Vijay and Anbu Cheliyan, as per an NDTV report.

During the investigation, income tax department officials searched the properties of AGS Cinemas, as well as Vijay's residence in Chennai. It should be noted that AGS Cinemas had produced Vijay's blockbuster movie 'Bigil' which was released last year.

Did income tax officers escort Vijay from Cuddalore to Chennai?

Earlier, it has been reported that income tax officers had escorted Vijay from Cuddalore to Chennai, where the actor was busy shooting for his upcoming movie 'Master'. However, officials denied these rumours and made it clear that it was Vijay who decided to wrap up the shooting and came to Chennai where the raid was taking place.

"We were extremely courteous. It was Vijay who chose to wind up and return home where his wife was when searches were undertaken. We know he is a big star and our senior officers had given specific instructions to treat him with utmost courtesy," said an income tax official.

In the meantime, Vijay fans have started alleging that the actor is targeted by the BJP-led Central Government, as movies like 'Mersal' criticized current government policies like the introduction of GST. However, officials revealed that the raids were purely based on solid information, and there is no political involvement in it.