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The Tata Group will build the first industrial-scale carbon capture plant in the UK. The $21 million (Rs 145 crore) project to be built by Tata Chemicals will be operational by 2021.

The carbon project aims at using CO2 created by burning fuels to make sodium carbonate, which is used in pharmaceutical and food industries. The project uses CO2 in ways different from the regular capture and underground storage method due to its high cost of maintenance. The UK government targets to make the country emission-free by 2050.

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Martin Ashcroft, Managing Director of the Tata unit, said that he hopes this project will demonstrate the viability of carbon capture and utilisation. The project will further boost the decarbonisation drive in the industrial sector, he hoped. 

Tata plans to take the CO2 from a natural gas-fired power plant that supplies steam and electricity to the businesses in the area. The company estimates to cut down 11 percent of the chemical facility's emissions by capturing 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Tata will be granted 4.2 million pounds for developing the plant by the UK government. The plant will contribute to higher reductions in greenhouse emissions.