Two people were killed and 11 injured in a firecrackers explosion during a religious procession in Punjab's Tarn Taran district on Saturday, February 8. 

Explosion took place during 'nagar kirtan'

Firecrackers, being carried in a tractor-trailer, exploded during the 'nagar kirtan' , a religious procession, near Pahu village. "Two people were killed and 11- 12 people were injured in the explosion," SSP Dhruv Dahiya said.

Tarn Taran

The explosion took place when sparks from a burning cracker landed on the tractor-trailer, he added.  Parts of the tractor trolley were blown clean off the vehicle.

A video surfaced social media that showed the vehicle on the blast site standing on a road strewn with paper, and a pool of blood near the mortal remains of a victim, covered with cloth.

(Developing story, to be updated)