Ranveer Singh Simmba

Noted Bollywood film critic Taran Adarsh has been trolled by Shah Rukh Khan's fans over his review and rating for Simmba (Simba). Hashtag #KaranPaidTaran has also been trending on Twitter since Thursday night.

Taran Adarsh is one of the most popular film critics and boasts of 3.55 million followers on Twitter. Lakhs of movie buffs go to watch a film after reading his review and ratings.

Last week, he had given a negative review and poor ratings for Zero, which boasted of a unique story and Shah Rukh Khan in a dwarf role. His verdict had disheartened many SRK fans, who thought it was not a bad film.

Last night, Taran Adarsh watched Simmba at a special screening in Mumbai and tweeted, "#OneWordReview... #Simmba: WINNER. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A solid, well-packaged entertainer with a powerful message... Rohit Shetty gets it right yet again... And so does Ranveer, who is outstanding... Whistles, claps, laughter assured... Expect a STORM at the BO... #SimmbaReview."

Directed by Rohit Shetty, Simmba is a remake of Jr NTR's Telugu movie Temper, which was an average grosser movie. It is a routine masala film and SRK fans feel that it does not deserve a four-star rating and such a positive verdict. They feel that Karan Johar, who has produced the film, has paid Taran Adarsh to give good review and rating for the film.

A video hit the internet soon after the special screening of Simmba. The footage features crazy Ranveer Singh dancing, hugging and kissing Taran Adarsh. Some SRK fans circulated this video and trolled Taran Adarsh with the hashtag #KaranPaidTaran, which is now trending on Twitter.

Arman ᶻᵉʳᵒ‏ @arman6182

First you make remake movie, when you thinks it's not gonaa work then manipulate public by putting rape thing, and still you have a doubt then last thing buy critics pay them get good reviews. #KaranPaidTaran

عارف‎‏ @sardar_arif

For those intellectual who thinks critics review dont matter then why is Ranveer singh dancing with mc @taran_adarsh and rohit shetty is bowing and holding his hands thanking him? #KaranPaidTaran

ʂąŋƙɛɬ ѕякιαи‏ @iamSank10

If I kill the SRK Fan inside me still the neutral Film lover inside me won't agree that #Zero is a 1.5⭐ film. Definitely Deserves 3.5+⭐ , @taran_adarsh what were you thinking dalle ?? #KaranPaidTaran

Yash Paryani‏ @FilmyYash

Instead of making a good original film, buy the top 5 critics. Tell them to badmouth the other film and praise their own film.. no need to do anything. Just sit back and relax. @karanjohar maanna padega, jo Banda Tere liye bullet khaane ke liye ready tha uske saath ye. #Simmba

Hrishit Banerjee‏ @iamhrishit

Atleast the critics should hv some self-respect & understand that their verdicts influences many people and hence should do justice to good films... And not thrash them like anything :( #PaidCriticTaranAdarsh

Virat Kohli‏ @IamVKohlli

Last Night i watched #Simmba with my Teammates at private screening. I just want to say that Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty should stop making movies & And @RanveerOfficial should stop acting. Rating :- 1/2 Star #SimmbaReview #KaranPaidTaran

Taran Adarsh‏ @taran_adarsh___

I have been given the tightest hug and some bundle of notes slipped in my pocket during that hug by my shot winner actor.. NOW MY NEW #OneWordReview... #Simmba: WINNER. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A solid, well-packaged entertainer with a powerful message...Ranveer, who is outstanding...