In a bizarre but dangerous incident, a video of water streaming from a tap at a woman's residence in China went viral as it caught fire. The video clip shared by the People's Daily, showed tap water going up in flames after a lighter was placed near it.

The video originally posted by a local resident of a village in China, Ms Wen, which was picked by others. In the video, a person opened a tap and placed a lighter near the running water, and it ultimately turned into a minor blaze in the basin.

Tap water china

The resident who shared the video said that the family has been using inflammable running water for the past four years.

How did the tap water catch fire? 

People's Daily, China explained the incident, and added, "Videos of flammable tap water in Panjin, NE China's Liaoning have gone viral. The odd scene is caused by natural gas infiltration due to temporary underground water supply system error, which is now shut down. Normal supply has resumed, further probe will be conducted."

According to reports, Ms Wen said, "It's been a very long time. After washing our hands or dishes, our hands wouldn't feel dry. They feel slippery and we can't wash it off."

She also said that her father had reported the issue to the local water supply company as well but was told that "it was out of their hand".

'Village authority issues statement

After the video went viral, local authorities issued a statement that said the water source for the particular neighbourhood was switched off temporarily. The matter is now being investigated. 

Here's what the statement said, "The water source for the Siying Village, where the residents live, is supplied with deep groundwater. After a small amount of natural gas leaked into the water layer, the natural gas was brought to the ground during the water extraction process."

Ms Wen said that apart from her, 100 other families in her village are witnessing the same issue.