Tanushree Dutta, Nana Patekar
Tanushree Dutta, Nana PatekarInstagram/Reuters

After closing Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar case due to lack of evidence against the veteran actor, Mumbai police has now issued a statement that again brings the former under the scanner.

Police in its report said that the eye-witnesses claimed that contrary to Tanushree's complaint, she was well aware of the changes made in the concerned dance sequence.

"She had narrated in her complaint that she was not aware of the changes in the dance sequence and that Nana Patekar will be a part of that song. According to the statements of the witnesses, it is not true. She was aware of the change made," according to the police statement published in ANI.

The police report further stated that none of the 13 eye-witnesses confirmed any incident of sexual harassment. Moreover, in the old complaints made in 2008, prior to October 2018, even Tanushree did not mention any incident of sexual harassment.

"There was no mention of sexual harassment in the complaint made in 2008 in Goregaon police station. Also, there was no mention of Sexual misconduct in the complaints filed with CINTAA and TV Producers associations," police report stated.

"Those complaints were regarding the payment dues and was settled in subsequent meetings of these associations and was accepted by all concerned parties in a joint meeting of CINTAA and TV Producer's association," it added.

After a prolonged investigation, Mumbai police had submitted a "B summary" report stating that there is no evidence to prove Tanushree's claims of facing sexual harassment from Patekar, and hence the investigation has been closed.

However, Tanushree in her statement had said that the police had performed a faulty probe, and she will challenge the report. She had even said that the eye-witnesses were intimated by the senior actor.

It all started after Tanushree alleged that Patekar had sexually harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Please by trying to include inappropriate dance steps into a song video. It was the beginning of #MeToo movement in India.