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Tanushree Dutta had recently grabbed headlines with accusations of sexual harassment by Nana Patekar during a film shoot. Her allegations had started the #MeToo movement in India. While many had felt that the actress was likely to make a comeback to Bollywood, she soon went back to the United States. Now her sister, Ishita Dutta has opened up about Tanushree having any comeback plans or not.

Ishita said that though she would love to see Tanushree back on the big screen, the latter does not have any such plans as of now.

"I would love to see her. She is fabulous and I would definitely want to see her back. But it is completely her personal choice. I don't really think so. Even if she does, it could probably be something which she really believes in. She wouldn't do it just for the sake of doing a film or series," Ishita told Bollywoodlife.

Tanushree's sister further said that the actress might take up a project but only if she feels it would be beneficial to society.

"I think probably she would do a film only if she relates to the subject and feels that it will indirectly benefit society. Currently, she is very happy in her own space, she is doing her thing. But as a sister, I would love watching her again. I have loved her films back then and will continue to do so," she told the publication.

Tanushree's allegations on the veteran actor had raised a debate on the safety of women in the industry. While many believed the actress, several others had expressed doubts saying that she made the accusations for publicity. Nana, of course, had denied the charges. The alleged incident had happened on the sets of the film Horn Ok Please in 2009.