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Tanushree Dutta rose to instant fame after doing several passionate lip-locks and an undressing sequence with Emraan Hashmi in her 2005 romantic thriller debut Aashiq Banaya Aapne. But her popularity came with a price. People started judging her for her choice of movies and was deeply affected by the tag of a bold and sexy actress.

In an interview to Indiatimes last month, Tanushree also spoke about how a Bollywood actress friend had convinced her to get a b**b job. However, she admitted going under the knife for a tooth surgery which went horribly wrong. She now has to constantly get work on them and keep it updated.

"I had this Bollywood actress friend who herself has done millions of surgeries and used to suggest everyone to go under the knife because she was got screwed. Instead of helping others by sharing her horrible experiences, she used to convince them to go ahead with surgeries," Tanushree said.

"She once convinced me to get a boob job. Because I was not conscious of my lady parts, I didn't take her suggestion seriously. The same thing goes with my teeth. I was conscious about it so I did and I regretted it. In this world, people try to take advantage of your weakness and I have learned it big time," she added.

Taking about the shocking story behind her plastic surgery, Tanushree said, "I had always been conscious about my teeth because growing up I got my orthodontic treatment done. My tooth was really out and I used to have trouble biting, those were just minor issues, mind you. I remember going for dental checkups and one dentist literally convinced me that everything was wrong about my teeth and I should redo it and I did. However, my natural enamel got spoiled."

"The doctor was happy to screw my natural enamel because he got his first celebrity client. Despite winning Miss India title with Beautiful Smile, my complex with my teeth didn't go away and I got convinced to redo my teeth, I regret that for life. Today I have to constantly get work on them and keep it updated. After this surgery, if anybody suggested a b**b job or any kind of job to me, I avoided it. You burn your fingers only once. I didn't get any other surgery after this one."

Shedding some light on what went wrong with her acting career, Tanushree said, "Nothing went wrong. Firstly, I wasn't seeing the kind of growth that I should have seen in Bollywood. Just like everyone else, I had certain expectations when I chose this profession. Very soon, I realised that my growth was not happening according to my talent. Secondly, I also felt there were lots of judgments for me; I feel we live in a very judgmental society."

"I didn't know how to deal with the judgments which I was facing when I entered Bollywood. I was an 18-year-old girl, I was extremely innocent. I was raised in a very protective environment, I studied at the best institutions, I got the best of everything. But when I started working in Bollywood, I felt, as a female actor, I was not exposed to the world. I found it extremely difficult to adjust," she added.

The actress is currently in news for naming Nana Patekar after a decade for sexually harassing her on the sets of her 2008 film Horn Ok Please. While choreographer Ganesh Acharya has come out in support of Nana, Tanushree has called the choreographer a big liar.