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The health and fitness industry across the globe is booming, with more and more people exploring its business potential beyond their personal passion and the introduction of new technology making the business scalable. Besides being one of the most lucrative sectors to invest in, this industry also gives one the satisfaction of contributing to a virtuous cause, which is people's health and well-being.

Tanner Chidester, 28, from Salt Lake, Utah, is one of the world's most successful fitness entrepreneurs. He runs a 7-figure valuation enterprise and help others follow his path by sharing his ideology. Tanner is striving to make his company Fit Warrior, an 8-figure firm, within two months. As we spoke to the 4x2 comma club winner, he shared some important life experiences that could be a learning lesson to any fitness enthusiast or budding entrepreneur.

Never give up: Having grown up with a quiet and sheltered upbringing, Tanner overcame all odds to emerge as a millionaire businessman and a 2 coma club member. In 2010, he began career as a division 1 footballer and pursued petroleum engineering at Brigham Young University. Though repetitive injuries ended his career abruptly, Tanner refused to call it quits, and after six months of intensive rehab got back to work, he soon went on to launch his own business.

Turn bullying into motivation: As a child, Tanner faced a lot of bullying from his neighbouring kids for his shy and timid personality. However, by the age of 12, he started working on his fitness, what resulted was a boost in his confidence, and that motivation changed his life forever.

Trial and error serves best: Tanner left no stone unturned while developing his own trade. "When I started my business I only made $2000 in my first two years. I started to learn about internet marketing but just wasn't very good at it. I spent a lot of over 50K over coaches and consultation. But that too didn't help much," said Tanner. The young entrepreneur thinks that his trial and error method worked best for him, as it soon helped him make 10k in a week. He is now on course to have an 8-figure valuation company soon.

Work out, stand out: Tanner believes that one has to come up with unique ideas to stand out as an entrepreneur. His company Fit Warrior "does not follow the crowd". The sole purpose of Tanner's fitness initiative is to show his clients that a sustainable lifestyle can be achieved without curbing the things you love. The firm creates custom projects for each clients, working on their health, fitness and overall development.

Courage is key: It took a lot of courage for Tanner to leave school, also letting go on a guaranteed 6 figure salary job. "At times I almost quit and gave up but something inside of me just kept pushing me forward. Fitness always remained my passion. Leaving school just seemed like the most logical choice for starting a business as I had always been good at it," said Tanner, who has now proven his point by ensuring the success of his firm Fit Warrior.