Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep SinghPR Handout

The youth in India is so fascinated with fitness and gym. Having a sexy body is a dream of the majority of people but there are only a few people who also work for it rather than just dreaming about it. Jagdeep Singh who hails from Suro Padda, Amritsar is among those rare hardworking young guy who has now become an inspiration for the youth of Punjab.

Coming from a small town middle class family, Jagdeep Singh was also like just an average guy we see in our neighbourhood but he had a mind of superstar and he was willing to achieve to make a name for himself. He was always fond of bodybuilding so he started training at a very young age to compete in the bodybuilding competition.

After years of hard work and sweating in the gym in 2016, he finally participated in one of the most reputed bodybuilding show Mr Punjab and his hard work and dedication finally paid off when he came out as the winner of this competition and became Mr Punjab 2016. This accomplishment of Jagdeep Singh gave him a huge exposure in the media and fitness world.

However, Mr Punjab title was not enough for Jagdeep, as he wanted to achieve many more things in his life so kept his spirit and aspirations high and later he went on to participate in the even bigger competition of Mr North India. Jagdeep's momentum and high spirit helped him throughout the competition and conquered his another goal and became Mr North India 2017.

Jagdeep Singh with his passionate and positive attitude earned many titles and his a famous name in the bodybuilding and fitness industry today. He also organised one of the biggest show in north India named as "Mr and Miss India glamours" to bring out the best of the best talent from north India.