Outrage erupted in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday, a day after a 21-year-old woman named Vinupriya reportedly committed suicide after nude morphed photos of her appeared on Facebook and the police refused to take action in the matter. Members of her family said on Tuesday they had lost all faith in the police department, even as messages in support of her poured in on social media.

Vinupriya committed suicide on Monday, six days after morphed and objectionable photos of her were put up on Facebook, according to an NDTV report. She hung herself in the bedroom when her parents were out.

The Chemistry graduate took the extreme step because her parents did not believe when she said she did not send any nude photos of herself to anyone. The suicide note ends with her entreaties to her parents to believe her: "Belive me one second Sorry... Sorry... [sic]." 

The police said her photos were posted on Facebook in an account with a different name. According to a Deccan Chronicle report, it was a fresh morphed photo put up on Facebook that drove her to suicide. The photo's link was sent to Vinupriya on her mobile after the image was put up, and this is believed to have led her to take the extreme step. 

Meanwhile, the page or account where the photos were put up disappeared soon after Vinupriya's suicide, said the DC report. 

Members of her family on Tuesday squarely blamed the police for not acting on their complaint from a week ago made with the cyber crime department. One family member told ANI they had lost all faith in the police department, and that the cops had taken no action despite the complaint. 

Her father, Annadurai, said he wanted immediate justice. He also said he wanted the policeman who refused to register a case and the individual who had created the account and harassed his daughter punished.