Google Maps has allegedly proven to be a splinter that could break a man's marital life! For the 49-year-old R Chandrasekhar, from Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district Google Maps is the accused of all the issues in his married life.

google maps
google maps

Google maps to destroy marital harmony!

Interestingly, the man has lodged a complaint against the tech giant's mapping feature on Thursday, May 21, as the app has allegedly claimed that he had been in locations that the man had never even visited.

According to his complaint filed in the local police station, Chandrasekhar, a fancy shop owner, has been subjected to emotional difficulties, family problems, as well as familial violence and torture because of the misinformation regarding his whereabouts on the app.

"For the last few months, my wife has been constantly scanning the 'Your timeline' feature on Google Maps and refuses to let me sleep, as she questions where I was. She is constantly thinking about this, is getting affected and affecting the rest of the family too," mentioned Chandrasekhar in his complaint.

The Map has even shown a graph to his wife consisting of places that he never visited, which eventually led to suspicions and problems in his wife.

According to the man, his wife does not give ears to anything other than what the family, relatives, their circle of friends and counsellors say. "She believes Google over anything else. Google is causing strife in my family life. So I ask you to take action against Google and ensure justice for me. I also ask that Google give me compensation for causing so much strife," said the helpless man.

Meanwhile, on the basis of the complaint received, the police has decided to call the husband and wife and counselling them on the issue.