Looks like AR Rahman has no desire to put the Amit Shah Hindi remark at rest. At the CII Dakshin Submit on Sunday, when asked about Shah's Hindi link language remake, Rahman replied with a smile, "Tamil is the link language." The statement comes after the Oscar-winning musician's tweet of Tamil goddess with the caption 'Tamil language is the roots to the rights of Tamil people' went viral on social media. Read more here.

At the CII Dakshin Submit, Rahman in his speech emphasised the need for recognition of Tamil Cinema. "I met a Chinese man in Malaysia who told me people and movies from north India are much more charming as they are fairer in skin tone. The statement deeply disturbed me as I couldn't understand his thoughts. I wondered if he have seen South Indian films. In my humble opinion, what we have to do is to cast more people of colour in key roles and empower them to gain recognition. It is very important to have international recognition. In our state, we love our colour, let's break the borders and unite together."

He further urged the film industry to explore more on our culture and talents. "We have to show the world what minds and culture we have. It's time to keep the differences aside and unite the country through art," he added. Rahman also clarified that he doesn't like to divide the country into geographic spheres. "For me India is India. When someone does well here, the Northern part benefits and vice versa. It is now time to unite and celebrate the differences rather than dividing people through art and movies."

AR Rahman
AR Rahman.AR Rahman Twitter

Rahman's statement comes at a time when the Union government is moving toward making Hindi the link language sparking controversies across non-Hindi speaking regions.