President Pranab Mukherjee will release a Tamil Biography of himself at Rashtrapathi Bhavan on Wednesday.

The biography, translated from English and published by Chennai-based Eagle Press Publications, will be presented to former Union Minister Shri. E. Ponnuswamy, the translator of the book.

The release function coincides with the 78th birthday celebrations of the president and Ponnuswamy will deliver the welcome address. Directors of Eagle Press Publications, Raja Sundar Singh and Sam Prasad, will be honouring the president with a shawl and memento.   

"The book treasures the president's speeches in 15 titles including the Indo-US nuclear deal, 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008, India's foreign policy and bilateral relationships. There are pages of nostalgic memories about the great man shared by 66 personalities including the UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Shri. Manmohan Singh, BJP's Senior Leader Shri. L.K. Advani, and Ms. Mamta Banarjee," said M.J. Prathap Singh, Managing Director, Eagle Press.

Compiled by Sukhendu Sekhar Roy in English, the Tamil version will be launched with the title 'Maamanidhar Pranab Mukherjee - Panmuga Saadhanaiyaalar'. The biography features the president's life history and 330 rare photographs capturing significant moments of his political life, all in 312 finest quality multi-colour art paper and attractively designed.

About the book, Ponnuswamy said, "This book captures the life history of a great personality who rose to being a president of India after holding several responsible positions for 37 years in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. It's my privilege that I had the opportunity to translate his biography, a must-read history for Indians. His illustrious life stands as an example for those who wish to come up and do great things in life."