blood moon july 27

This year has already given us some fascinating lunar events and the latest Harvest Moon was no different. Stargazers all over the world caught a glimpse of the beautiful moon and some even went on to capture it as well. Thanks to its huge orange-tinted glowing appearance, it was truly a treat to watch the moon in the night sky.

The full moon that falls close to the autumnal equinox is called a Harvest moon. The name originally came from the Northern Hemisphere, where autumn starts in September. Apart from the Harvest Moon, there are several different names coined for the full moon in the Northern Hemisphere. The Harvest Moon is followed by the Hunter's Moon, the Beaver Moon and the Cold Moon, reported.

"People used to track the passage of time based on the moon," Andrea Jones, an education specialist for the Planetary Science Institute, told "The moon is a very obvious timekeeper for ancient civilizations."

Here are a some of the most amazing pictures of 2018 Harvest Moon that people shared on social media: