alien base on moon
UFO Sightings Daily

Popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring has recently released an image taken from the moon, and he claimed that the photo features an extraterrestrial base on the lunar surface. In his recent website post, Waring claimed that he has discovered this lunar anomaly in 2014, and he recently checked the finding once again to know whether NASA has deleted the discovery from the archives.

However, the image was still there, and upon closer analysis, we can see a dome-like structure on the moon. Waring explained that the dome (marked in picture above) is the main part of this alien base, and there are totally three connecting structures in it.

"This is really an incredible structure. The round dome is the main part, but there are three other connecting structures that just make this one of the most important pieces of evidence to date. NASA has deleted about 50% of my discoveries from their archives. Google Map has deleted about 80% of my discoveries from their maps. So I try hard to keep up and keep the public aware," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

In the website post, Waring also added that there are several other UFO researchers who used to fake sightings to make money using Internet advertisement tools like Adsense. The self-proclaimed researcher made it clear that he is monetizing neither his website nor his YouTube channel, and he is running these platforms just to expose the hidden truth about alien life.

A few weeks back, Waring spotted a structure which was very similar to a fossil. After making this discovery, the researcher who currently operates from Taiwan assured that alien life is a reality, and NASA is intentionally covering up the secrets for unknown motives.

However, neither NASA nor top-rated space experts have reacted to the findings made by Waring. Some experts believe that the discoveries of Waring are nothing but a clear case of pareidolia. As per experts, pareidolia is the peculiar capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns.