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Taapsee Pannu in Game OverPR Handout

Taapsee Pannu is the latest celebrity to mock Kabir Singh director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, after Samantha Akkineni, Chinmayi Sripaada and Lakshmi Manchu, but she takes an indirect dig at him.

Shahid Kapoor slapping Kiara Advani in Kabir Singh landed Sandeep Reddy Vanga in a big mess with many feminists condemning him for glorifying violence against women. But the director defended it, saying, "If you don't have the liberty of slapping each other, then I don't see anything there." His statement kick-started another storm with many celebs including Samantha, Chinmayi and Lakshmi joining he debate.

Taapsee Pannu is also a feminist and often raises her voice against the exploitation of women. But the actress kept quiet when the controversy surrounding Kabir Singh was creating a buzz in the media. When the debate was almost on the verge of dying down, she accelerated the discussion on it further.

Taapsee Pannu retweeted a report about a man smashing his19-year-old girlfriend's head questioning her character taking an indirect dig at Kabir Singh's director. She also wrote, "Or maybe let's just say they were madly in love with each other n this 'act' was to validate his TRUE love for her. ‍♀️"

But some of her followers, who did not understand her sarcasm, started trolling and cursing Taapsee Pannu for mocking the death of the innocent. Some media houses reported her trolling as schooling.

Shruti Tandon‏ @shruttitandon

The soul of the 19year old girl will curse you. Is this a news to make fun of? @sonamakapoor you bashed Vivek Oberoi for his joke on Aishwarya Rai which was in a very light space. Why no comments for tapsee? #ShamelessTapsee #SastiCopy

Rupa‏ @RupakalaKamath

Let's say one day you will fall in love with a similar chap and suffer the same fate. God forbid this never happens to you or anyone else. So please don't be such a callous beach just to score points against God knows who Tap and see if there is any sense in this person.

"Statutory warning: people with no sense of sarcasm kindly ignore me n my tweet. Thank you, it was nice not knowing you," tweeted Taapsee Pannu adding, "I hope whoever "schooled" me went to a school where they teach the difference between 'sarcasm' and 'sarcastic humour' #NewsForBrainless."

However, people who understood her sarcasm also slammed Taapsee Pannu for her double standards.

Sanjeev Sood‏ @Golu29

You have the guts to make fun of a Hindu girl who was brutally murdered by a Muslim. Had it been the reverse you would have drank fevicol. Sarcasm in death is the lowest low any human can fall.....good to see how slowly your facade is falling ....shame o you.. Shame!!!!

Rahul S‏ @RahulSi89907196

Making fun of this poor girl's death is not cool, she made a huge mistake and payed for it with her life. I only hope other girls learn lesson from her death.

Rishi Bagree‏ @rishibagree

Only a bollywood actress know how to fake a Sarcasm on a serious hate crime

Karuna Gopal‏ @KarunaGopal1

You must be deranged to take a dig at Kabir Singh while reacting to a real murder.