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Actress Taapsee Pannu is facing the wrath of people after she made an insensitive sarcastic remark on the death of a 19-year-old girl to make fun of Kabir Singh director Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

A Nagpur-based 19-year-old aspiring model named Khushi Parihar was killed allegedly by her boyfriend on suspicion of her character. After reading about it, Taapsee Pannu took to Twitter to mock Kabir Singh director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who recently defended the hero slapping the heroine in the movie. 

Quoting a report about the incident, Taapsee tweeted, "Or maybe let's just say they were madly in love with each other n this 'act' was to validate his TRUE love for her. ‍♀️"

But her tweet did not go down very well with many people who started trolling her. Taapsee responded to them, "Statutory warning: people with no sense of sarcasm kindly ignore me n my tweet. Thank you, it was nice not knowing you  I hope whoever "schooled" me went to a school where they teach the difference between 'sarcasm' and 'sarcastic humour' #NewsForBrainless."

Taapsee Pannu angered netizens further by defending her post. The people said that she cannot crack jokes over the brutal murder of an innocent girl. It is really insensitive and she should be ashamed of it. They urged the actress to offer an apology for ignorance. Here are their comments.

Ganesh Ravuri‏ @ganeshravuri

The problem with sarcasm is most people don't know when and where to use it. Taking a jibe at a film director's statement using a ghastly crime isn't being sarcastic, its being insensitive.  RIP Sarcasm!

Dhruv Khullar‏ @Dhruvreverse

Imagine any male actor had tweeted on this like you had done then all feminists will be on their toes and  made his life hell and please improve your sense of sarcasm . I know you are a genuine person and as a fan never expected this from you

Anurag‏ @Twiterisbiased

What a ugly cheap actress she is enjoying the killing of a female with her lame sarcasm and yet being ignorant.... What if this happen with her own family member?

Viswanath Sanam‏ @ViswaSanam

Shame that you use a heinous crime against a woman to showcase your sarcasm or sarcastic humor whatever. Makes no difference. No wonder feminism is not taken seriously coz of pseudos like u who use it as per your convenience. #Disgusting @imvangasandeep

Mr nationalist‏ @Mrnationalist1

Probably @taapsee went to the School of #Pseudoliberals or #Madarsa where they taught her to make fun of brutal murder of women and then come up with an excuse of #sarcasm . But guys we can simply boycott her movies. So lets #boycottsaandkiaankh #MissionMangal #Bollywood #India

Suyash Holani‏ @suyashholani

Astonishing arrogance, when you know what you have done is terrible, accept and apologize, rather than defending it via twisted logics. Your comment/sarcasm was insensitive and brainless, Period !

VaRuN TYaGi‏ @varuntyagi619

Try to defend all you want but you can't change the fact that it was insensitive thing to say. Someone's brutal death is reason for sarcasm ?

Kaushik‏ @Kaushik_reddy25

Idiots who have never understood love in its depth and entirety have become the moral authority on it. And crying sarcasm when trolled. They neither understand love nor sarcasm. Most importantly, they don't understand the line between reality n fiction.

Akanksha Chopra‏ @akanksha_1195

I dnt know why all your good sense of humour and excellent sense of sarcasm comes out in situations like these where it is least required

Dehaati BAPI‏ @BapiDehaati

U ll be cursed 4 sure. Making fun of something like this n calling it sarcasm, hv u lost it. A day wud cum wen u ll b mocked like this, just wait n watch. Karma never leaves u.

Trishul Sinha‏ @Trishulsinha

I too hope at least they them when not to use sarcasm.. Definitely not over body of young girl.. Get enrolled in school first then preach others

YK‏ @yktalks

U call this bullshit sarcasm?? Seriously?? Sadak chhap hi ho lagta hai.. filmo me na hoti to journalist hi hoti shayaf

Vishal kumar‏ @imvishalkr

I think you have lost something... which is known as BRAIN. Sarcasm on everything is not okay, it was an extreme crime... #Just_assume_urself_as_victim's_relative #Will_u_still_be_sarcastic #Pathetic_popularity_stunt. #Shame

ns‏ @NiSharma12

Hey  C don't be disheartened, that was incredibly funny. Would you like to register for World Sarcasm championship for bimbos?

पुणेकर‏ @Rohya

Please read the news again and if you don't understand the seriousness of it get some help to understand. #NoMeansNo And for the god sake do not do sarcasm on murder #ShameOnYou or just change your name to Dumpsee Pannu

Sahil‏ @Sahil53871351

Madam itna doglapan kha se lati ho. Sarcasm bhi dhang ki jagah hota haii na ki kisi ki maut pe.. This girl is sister and daughter of someone

ANUJ SAMANIA‏ @anuj_samania

When you are caught in red handed then the drama of sarcasm started you can use the same word if it happens with your close relatives