T-Mobile Giving Unlimited 4G LTE Free For The Rest Of The Year To Select Customers, No Strings Attached
T-Mobile Generously Offering Free Unlimited 4G LTE Data Until December, But Only To Select MembersT-Mobile Screenshot

It's going to be a great year for some T-Mobile customers who will be selected by the provider for its free unlimited 4G LTE upgrade. Only a small percentage of users will be chosen for their loyalty towards T-Mobile. As a reward, eligible subscribers will not have to pay even a penny to stream unlimited 4G LTE data for the rest of 2015. 

According to T-Mobile's offer page, customers will be notified if they have been selected, via a text message. The deployment of unlimited LTE data will start from April 1 and last till December 31. Once the offer ends, customers will be reverted back to their current allotments.

The offer is a great deal as it comes without any strings, though one has to be selected by T-Mobile, and there's no way you can play a part in it.

"As you know, we love to give our customers more value without asking more from them," the company said in a statement to FierceWireless. "So, we selected a small percentage of our customers and upgraded them to Unlimited 4G LTE until the end of 2015--on us."

T-Mobile will select users based on their usage pattern and those who can really benefit from such an upgrade. But the carrier did not mention the exact "small percentage" in numbers. By calculation, T-Mobile has a total of 22.29 million postpaid customers and even if the carrier chooses 4 percent of the total database, number of customers benefitting from the deal will mount up to 1.17 million.

Even as the offer is tempting and hard to let go off, T-Mobile is giving an option to eligible customers to opt out and continue using their current plans. To do so, users must send a message "STASH" to 1508 by March 17. If you opt out, other lines on your account will also be deemed irrelevant for the promotion. The only reason customers will want to opt out of the promotion is to preserve their starter stash and Data stash, but technically the rollover data won't make any sense on an unlimited data plan.