Admittedly, T-ara's lead vocalist Soyeon and Click-B's band member Oh Jong Hyuk are one of Kpop's cutest couples. The two have never shied away from talking about one another and have the sweetest reponses whenever the media bombards them with questions about their relationship.

In one such recent incident, singer Oh Jong Hyuk was asked about his future plans with Soyeon, and the vocalist spoke honestly about his relationship's status.

He said, "We're happily dating. Soyeon always supports me, no matter what I do." Oh Jong Hyuk added that they haven't thought about tying the knot anytime soon, and he's happy to just be Soyeon's boyfriend. 

Nevertheless, he was asked again about his plans to wed Soyeon. That's when he said that he wants to exhibit a good side of him to his parents. "But thankfully my older brother still hasn't gotten married, so I have time," Soompi quoted him as saying. 

Although Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk's wedding is not in the offing, the singer said that his girlfriend gives her honest advice whenever Click-B band members worry about fans' reaction.  

Soyeon, a former member of SNSD, started dating Oh Jong Hyuk in 2010. They made their relationship public three years later, in 2013. 

Click-B recently made their comeback on Wednesday, 21 September after a long gap of 13 years. Their new album features all seven members of the band.