The Korean entertainment scene has lent its space to people of diverse origins, sex and even sexuality. If male idol groups think they can dominate the Kpop scene, bands such as "Girls Generation", "T-ara" and "EXID" are giving them tough competition. The diversity is palpable even on TV and in films.

Undoubtedly, public consciousness about homosexuality is still at an amoebic stage, but it is gratifying to see that celebrities and prominent members of the Korean civil society have stood up for equal rights for all. 

In this context, Super Junior star, Choi Siwon's tweet about same sex marriage was in bad taste. The 'Who Am I' singer retweeted an article in support of a Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriage licences to same sex couples. This, despite a US Supreme Court ruling that made gay marriage legal. 

Choi Siwon's tweet was lambasted by the general public. While some people posted angry messages, others were hilarious in their responses to his stance on sexuality. Embarassed, the "Dragon Blade" actor has apologised publicly for his tweet. He tweeted: 

Is same sex marriage legal in South Korea? No. But same sex relationships are recognised, and public opinion is changing slowly, but surely. Koreans no longer believe in the rigidity of sexuality and this was evident on Twitter.

In the recent past, celebrities such as SHINee's Jonghyun, BTS's Rapmon, and GLAM have stood up for LGBT rights, not to mention TV personalities who have introduced transgender politics to the public.

Singer and song-writer Choi Siwon may not recognise same sex marriage, but it looks the Korean public didn't recognise his views either.