An Iranian woman protesting over death by stoning in Brussels
ISIS militants have publicly executed a female activist for criticizing the group in a Facebook post. (representational image).Reuters file

A woman managed to escape alive after the Islamic State (ISIS) militants reportedly tried to stone her to death on charges of adultery in Syria.

The woman was found guilty by the local ISIS sharia court in Raqqa. The woman was tried as per the Sharia law which calls for stoning by death as punishment to women who are guilty of adultery.

According to Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which first reported about the stoning incident in the Raqqa city, the ISIS militants carried out the stoning in a children's playground in Firdous street.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also later confirmed the incident on Friday. The reports claimed that the militants stoned the women till she was believed to be dead.

But then when the ISIS men stopped stoning her, she was quick to escape from the ground.

According to some reports, the woman was initially arrested. The SOHR report said that when the woman tried to escape, an ISIS Sharia judge reportedly stopped the men from chasing her and said, "Her sentence is done, let her go and repent to her God."

Within the areas controlled by ISIS, adultery and homosexuality are all crimes that are punishable by death. Crucifixions, stoning, beheading and throwing people from towers are some of methods of punishment meted out by ISIS militants.