A new Isis execution video shows the militant group killing two young men, who were arrested for distributing anti-Isis pamphlets.
A new Isis execution video shows the militant group killing two young men, who were arrested for distributing anti-Isis pamphlets.Video Grab

The Islamic State (Isis) militants, in a new execution video that was released on Sunday evening, has shown how it killed two young men in Syria for distributing anti-Isis brochures that criticised the Sharia law imposed by the Muslim extremists in Raqqa.

The nearly 7-minute-long video, titled 'They are the Enemy and This is a Warning', starts with an Isis fighter interrogating the two Raqqa youths, accusing them of spying and spreading false propaganda against the jihadist group. The Daily Mail, in its report, noted that the two youths were executed for speaking the truth.

The video starts with a lengthy confession, in which the two media activists, identified as Bashir Abdel Azim and Hassan Habib Faisal, wearing orange jumpsuits, list out their crimes against Baghdadi's caliphate.

The duo were then forced to reveal how they used to spy on the Isis militants. The two young men confessed that they distributed anti-Isis brochures, criticising the Sharia law imposed by the Sunni group.

The two also reveal that they have monitored the activities of the Iraqi regime and were paid $400 for shooting pictures of oil wells around Raqqa province. They said they gathered "intel" by travelling around the city on motorcycle and cars.

The high-quality Isis video, which contains several closeup shots, then moves to the final execution scene, where the duo is seen tied to a tree trunk.

The video, which is shot at night, further shows several armed fighters, wearing camouflage and balaclavas, coming towards the victims. Two fighters are then seen coming forward with a pistol in their hands. At this point, the camera slows down a bit and then the two members of the terrorist group execute the youths by shooting them in the head.

However, the execution of the two young men is followed by a glimpse of another upcoming execution. Towards the end of the video, a blurred image of an old man, who identifies himself as Mohammad Mustafa is shown.

Abu Muhammad, a media activist for Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), told IBTimes India that last month, Isis had arrested at least 25 young men from Raqqa on similar charges.

The Sunni militant group has forbidden citizens in Raqqa from liking or interacting on any activist Facebook groups such as RBSS, and it has been made into a punishable offence, Muhammad added.