Infuriated by the incessant Russian airstrikes that are threatening the existence of the self-claimed caliphate of the Islamic State (Isis) in Syria, the Sunni terror group has announced a reward of $15,000 on the head of each Russian pilot.

According to a Russia Today correspondent, who is covering the Russian airstrikes on the Isis from the Latakia military base in Syria, the terror group is now offering the bounty of $15,000 for killing a pilot.

Murad Gazdiev said in a Twitter post that the Russian force has increased the patrolling around the Latakia base as the "terrorists are offering $15,000 bounty for heads of Russian crew".

He said that the bounty earlier was said to be around $10,000 and now it has been increased. 

To prevent any untoward incident, Russia has deployed Mil Mi-24 helicopters to patrol the Russian airbase in Latakia.

According to a Russia Today report, the gunships are tasked with the job to take out any threat, especially since bomber jets are vulnerable during takeoff and landing and any terrorist with a shoulder-launched missile can cause a heavy damage, the report noted.

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The Russian interference in Syria has dramatically changed the course of the war for the Syrian regime under President Bashar al-Assad, according to a CNN report.

In a statement, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, Col Gen Viktor Bondarev on Wednesday said that Russia has conducted 112 strikes on Isis facilities in Syria Since 30 September.

Russia has also launched a massive naval attack on Isis targets. On 7 October, the Russian naval ships fired 26 cruise missiles, hitting 11 Isis targets in Syria - almost 1,000 km away. [Read More]