Russia by its own admission claims to have gained a major victory as it emerged that 3,000 Syrian rebels including the Islamic State (Isis) fighters have fled Syria.

Russia, emboldened by the development, now has started dropping leaflets during air raids over rebel positions asking them to surrender or face the consequences.

An estimated 3,000 militants from Isis, Jabhat al Nusra and Jaish al Yarmouk jihadist groups have left Syria. Many reportedly have entered Jordan.

Russia launched a massive airstrike in Syria on 30 September with more than 50 fighters jets including the Su-24M, the Su-25 and the Su-34 bombing rebel targets.

At least 3, 000 militants, part of Isis, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jaish al-Yarmouk jihadist groups have fled Syria for Jordan, Russia's news agency Ria Novosti quoted a military source as saying.

Hundreds of leaflets have been dropped in Hama province, including Rastan and Talbiseh settlements, which is controlled by Isis and Nusra militants.

In recent weeks, the arrival of Russians has considerably boosted the morale of the Syrian army. Russia, which is developing an air base in Latakia, is working along with Iran and Hezbollah to carry out ground attacks.

While Russia will be focusing on the air campaign, Iran along with Hezbollah and the Syrian army will carry out ground attacks.