A video grab shows an Isis militant torturing a 14-year old boy
A video grab shows an Isis militant torturing a 14-year old boyYouTube

A graphic video has emerged showing the Islamic State (Isis) militants torturing a 14-year-old boy after he was accused of planting a bomb in Raqqa.

The video shows the teenager, identified as Ahmed, being strung up by his wrists and electrocuted by the militants. Shot on a mobile phone, it shows the 14-year-old former Raqqa school boy begging for mercy while being brutally beaten up by an Isis fighter.

"I thought about my mom. I thought I was going to die and leave my friends, my family and relatives all behind," Ahmed told BBC journalist Quentin Sommerville about his days spent in Isis captivity.

During his torture that lasted for two days, Ahmed would scream out in pain. "When they electrocuted me, I used to scream calling for my mother. But as soon as I did, [one of the torturers] used to up the voltage even more," the 14-year-old revealed.

Sommerville said in the report that Ahmed was detained by Isis for planting a backpack with a bomb near one of the group's meeting sites in Raqqa. The boy claims he was tricked into putting the bag there by some of his acquaintances. 

The Isis militants, after the torture, condemned the boy to death, however, his executioner reportedly took pity on him, after which Ahmed fled to Turkey. BBC claimed that it came in possession of the video through an Isis defector who had been there to film the torture to use it for propaganda.

The United Nations back in February had accused the militant outfit of widespread abuse and torture of children. 

The Independent, citing the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), had revealed that Isis was using children – including those with mental health problems – as suicide bombers and human shields.

The UN watchdog also claimed that Isis was using many abducted children as sex slaves and was killing others, including by means of crucifixion and burying them alive.