The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists have reportedly closed down several children's parks in Syria to stop young boys and girls from mingling.

The Sunni terror group issued the diktat in Deir Ezzor province on grounds that Islam prohibits men and women from mingling in public and hence that rule should be applied to children's parks as well.

Local reports claim that several playgrounds for children have now been shut down.

Another report from Syria noted that Isis shut down the parks as many "unrelated" men and women were bringing children to the parks and were meeting in secret in children's play area.

A report in Arab News noted that three women were recently arrested in Raqqa from a public park after Isis moral police found that they had come to the park unaccompanied by any grown male member from their family.

The Islamic State terror group is known for imposing Islamic excesses in the name of Sharia law.  The terror group has executed thousands of civilians in Syria, including children. [Read - Isis Beheaded, Stoned and Shot 1,362 Civilians, including 9 Children]

Earlier this year, the group imposed a ban on Nike products in Raqqa and listed it as haram. Isis claimed that Nike rhymes with the Arabic word for sexual intercourse, according to The Daily Mail.