The dreaded Sunni terror group, Islamic State, known for its backward ways, has now imposed a rather bizarre restriction in its de facto capital.

Isis has banned male doctors from treating women in Raqqa.

As per its new dictate, which would have serious consequences on the health of women inside the Syrian city, the Islamist radical group has forced many gynaecologists to shut down their practices.

The noted that women in Raqqa are  facing serious health threats, especially due to the policies of the Sunni group, which  encourages a culture of rape and child marriage.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the situation in the region has further deteriorated as medicine is exclusively for the Isis fighters. 

Isis has even stopped doctors from undertaking life-saving operations on female patients, a SOHR report noted. Dozens of doctors reportedly have fled Raqqa, due to constant death threats from Isis.

Isis, which has no regard for human life, in February shot a pregnant woman and her husband, who were rushing to the hospital in Raqqa after the woman went into labour. Their crime - they had broken the night curfew. [Read more]

Since taking over the Syrian city of Raqqa and announcing its Caliphate in June 2014, Isis has carried out barbaric punishments such as beheading, crucifixions and even stoning.