An ISIS army police mans a traffic junction in Mosul
An ISIS army police mans a traffic junction in MosulIslamic State Nineveh Information Centre

A pregnant woman and her husband, who were rushing to the hospital as the woman went into labour, were shot at by the Islamic State (Isis) militants for breaking the night curfew in Syrian city of Raqqa.

The militant group has imposed curfew in several Syrian towns starting from 11 pm to 6 am, which is reportedly very strict and a special squad that has been tasked with preventing people from leaving home 'under any circumstance.'

The Isis fighters on night patrol have been given full rights to shoot at anyone who breaks the curfew, reported Syrian monitoring group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

According to the monitoring group , the pregnant woman and husband from Tel Abyad were forced to go home, after Isis fighters shot at the husband and wife to scare them away.

Local sources revealed that the pregnant Syrian woman was being rushed to the hospital as her condition was critical and there were chances of her losing the baby. The Isis fighters, despite being requested, refused to allow the couple to go the hospital. 

Isis has reportedly been forced to take severe measures to stop people from leaving Syrian towns. Reports claim that thousands of Syrian refugees have been leaving towns under Isis and running to safer havens like Turkey.