Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel

The business environment is more dynamic than we think, and the year 2020 is the best in-front to show how a pandemic can turn upside down, the whole world. COVID-19, a reshaping crisis that affected the business environment globally. Well, the trading conditions considering the digital operations are unfamiliar, and the scope is high with the struggle to maintain the pace and to invest in the digitized projects. One must look around for the business opportunities which emerge and hold the potential to have the long-standing shifts after the crisis.

In the world of today, there are areas that are going to have a huge thrive with the passing of the epidemic. Be it the initiatives based on data-enabled healthcare or the shift to focus based operations; there is a lot to see and gain from. However, the question is, how well will the businesses take advantage of the same?

The healthcare systems are trying to improve the privacy limits in the workplace allowing the AI and the data specialists to develop varied useful solutions for reducing risks of contagion, providing anxiety relief to people, and helping them by all means for coping in the time of distress. Even for the big brands, the businesses are being pressurized for building business resilience and stable digital alternatives. By all means, from business to healthcare, all are under much pressure for finding solutions that are smart, quick, and ways that can help monetize the existing assets.

We all know what we are facing today. Even though we have the desire to go out, we still wish to sit around at our comfort and safe arena to shop online. Well, our acts might be a safety for us, but for e-commerce, it's like a boom. There is a high chance that e-commerce will have a huge uplift if people try to look around for ways to avoid the market and make online purchases, putting in a little pressure over the retailers for getting innovative to step ahead. Not just this, even the digital collaborations and the entertainment tools will have an upsurge in their valuation, with the users looking forwards to the AR and VR experiences, having safety at their hand. The fear will be huge, and so will be the demand for digital experts. They will be looking ahead for having and finding new ways to ensure the demand for entertainment receives a new pace, for removing boredom and ensuring better.

"All, the company needs is to beat the odds and move ahead. They got to find ways to turn the crisis and have the opportunity and rethink the value creators and how digital innovation can provide uniqueness to the minds within the four walls of their homes. A strong and very pervasive culture over the digital platform would be required with the best leadership styles, mindsets, and ways to work with transparency and learning. For sure, they will stand better, but they need to be much resilient and faster, covering the anticipated and the unexpected, providing the customers, best of all." Well, the years of experience bring in a lot to look forward to within the market, and with what Mr. Ravi Patel holds, his words are truly touching to reality.

Ravi made a start without knowledge over blogging. However, today whatever he shares as a part of his knowledge and expertise, all have led him to Blog Spot, creating his 1st ever blog, as a B.Tech. A student on the errors of computers and the solutions for the same. It took time, but today this young lad, he, as a part of his miraculous achievement, earns in dollars. His beliefs and ideas are clear, and he is truly your one to gain everlasting wisdom for creating a distinct identity. His focus was enough to dig deep, gather the knowledge, and finally make a start. This start leads him to the Sync Web Solution, based in Vadodara, Gujarat. His journey since then in the field of blogging and digital marketing has been interesting enough with his trial and error method.

Ravi was a risk-taker and a follower of his dreams. Probably this is why the reward he receives today is well-appreciated by him and his knowledge, well, he loves to share it all with the community. He wants them to succeed, and he even took steps like stating "Gujju Bloggers Meet", where bloggers from different parts of the country can meet, share and discuss it all. Not just this, he even amidst all of the same, takes out the time, works for blogs, SEO, Website traffic management, Digital marketing, and a lot. For what people say for him,

"He is truly a man of wisdom with words of heart, walking towards success, making it part by part."