Prabha Arun Kumar Shetty
Prabha Arun Kumar Shetty.YouTube/TheNSWPolice

A 41-year-old IT professional, Prabha Arun Kumar Shetty, from Bengaluru was stabbed to death in Sydney by an unidentified person when she was returning home from work late on Saturday evening.

According to Firstpost, the Australian police officers investigating the matter have released the CCTV footage showing Prabha walking out of a train station minutes before she was stabbed by the man. See the video below:

Indian Techie Stabbed in SydneyYouTube

The software consultant, who had been working with IT consultancy firm Mindtree for the past eight years, was sent to Sydney to work on a project in 2012; and was scheduled to return to India next month.

According to NDTV, Prabha who was staying with her colleague Sarada in an apartment at Westmead in Sydney. She was talking to her husband over the phone on her way back home from office, at around 9:30 pm, when an unidentified person stabbed her.

Prabha had taken a shortcut to her home through Parramatta Park.

It has been leart that the mother-of-one also told her Bangalore-based husband that an unknown man was following her and before her husband could suggest something, she said, "He stabbed me, darling".

She was later found lying in a pool of blood by a passerby who took her to a nearby hospital. But she couldn't survive as she had lost excessive blood due to the injury.

"It is a horrific attack without any stretch of the imagination," said Wayne Cox, Superintendent of the Parramatta police, the Indian Express reports.

After Prabha abruptly disconnected the call, the family got in touch with Sarada who was in utter shock.

"I don't know how I am going to face her husband. She is very close to her husband and her daughter. She talks to them every day; as soon as she finishes work, she calls her husband and keeps talking. She has a good family," Sarada said, according to Hindustan Times.