Swing Copters
Swing Copters is the newest game from Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen.Twitter

Swing Copters marks the return of the creator of the viral mobile game, Flappy Bird. Swing Copter will be released on iTunes and Google Play Stores on 21 August.

The game touted as Flappy Bird 2 by some websites has the same graphical style that Flappy Bird was known for, and the only difference apart from the environment, is that players will have to touch the screen vertically to keep the copter flying. In Flappy Bird, players had to tap and scroll horizontally to evade the pipes.

In Swing Copters, Dong Nguyen lets players control a small creature with big eyes and a propeller fixed on top of its head to vertically take-off without touching the swinging jammers. The creature has to fly though the gaps of the steel girders. They have to avoid touching these too.

If you were thinking that this game is going to be easier than Flappy Bird, you will be proved wrong as the creature does not fly straight up, but moves diagonally to the left or right. It needs to be steered in the appropriate direction and this happens when you tap the screen. CVG opines that the momentum will make it really hard to steer.

Players will gain points as they clear the steel girders. The game could also have a medal system similar to that in Flappy Bird. It is speculated that the medals could be bronze, silver or gold. TIME asked readers to look at the video from TouchArcade sideways and opined that it looks like a "vertical remaster" of Flappy Bird.

The game is another of the single -tap games that will be free but with ads included. If players want no distractions while playing the game, they have to shell out $0.99.

TouchArcade got its hands on the new Swing Copters and posted the video below, showing us the action of the big-eyed creature.

Earlier, Nguyen had released a new Flappy Birds game called Flappy Birds Family as a gaming app for Amazon Fire TV. It included multiplayer mode too, but only for 2 players. (READ: Flappy Bird Family heads for Amazon Fire TV)

Nguyen had removed his viral game Flappy Bird following the game being too addictive and his life was affected by it following hate mails and tweets by players who were not able to score well.

A lot of mobile games followed the tradition set by Flappy Bird after its removal and they were titled Flappy Bird Clones. (READ: Top 25 Flappy Bird Clones)

(YouTube Courtesy: TouchArcade)