The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay was launched on 15 September 2003.Wikimedia Commons/Πrate

The Pirate Bay (TPR) faced a setback on May 12, as the Swedish Court of Appeal ordered local Internet Information Services (IIS) organisation Punkt SE to suspend the .se domain license of two of TPR's torrent websites.

Anti-piracy activist Fredrik Ingblad, who has been up against TPR since 2013, last year succeeded in convincing local Stockholm district court that the torrent site violated media copyrights and should be banned.

The court convinced with the Ingblad's argument ordered Punkt SE to suspend the .se domain license for "" and its proxy site "" in May 2015.

However, TPR co-founder Fredrik Neij took the matter to Svea hovrätt (Swedish) Court of Appeal. After hearing the matter for almost a year, the judge on Thursday pronounced the verdict upholding the lower court order, but rejected Ingblad's request to frame charges on Punkt SE for allowing TPR to operate, despite having the knowledge of torrent website's activities.

"The prosecutor's primary claim with respect to Fredrik Neij should be upheld and domain names should be confiscated from him in accordance with the Copyright Act," TorrentFreak quoted the court order.

With this, both the "" and its proxy site "" have been shutdown.

However, TPR co-founder Neij has vowed to make an appeal in the Supreme Court and get the Swedish Court of Appeal's order revoked.

Watch this space for more updates.

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