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Several people were shot at inside a pub in Sweden late on Wednesday, and the police has confirmed at least two fatalities. 

The shooting occurred in Sweden's second largest city of Goteborg, and the police said the incident may be related to gang violence in the area. 

Two gunmen stormed into the Var Krog Och pub with Kalashnikov rifles and began shooting on Wednesday night, leaving two dead and at least seven people injured. 

Authorities have ruled out a terrorism angle. 

"There is absolutely nothing that indicates terrorism", Swedish police spokeswoman, Ulla Brehm told Swedish media. 

Witnesses spoke to Swedish television channels, describing the incident. 

"I didn't have a chance to think about what happened. Then I saw that my friend was bleeding. I tried to stop the bleeding as good as I could with my hand," a witness said, according to The Associated Press.